Dec 4th Latest Trending Technology News Headlines

Oh I must confess that today's news headlines are one of the best and interesting. There are many eye catching topics that you would like to read more about them so am gearing myself towards elaborating on one or two topics here in subsequent posts. Check them out below.


👉Razer Phone Receives Software Update for Camera Enhancements

👉Freedom 251 Manufacturer Resurfaces; Positive About Deliveries with Government's Support

👉Google's Datally will Help You Save Mobile Data

👉Community Driven Video Sharing Website 'Vidme' is Shutting Down

👉Google Launches New Philanthropy Initiative Called Daydream Impact

👉OnePlus Announces New OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition

👉Google Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook Owners are Receiving 6 Months of Free Netflix

👉Smartphone Addiction Cause Anxiety and Depression Study Confirms

👉I.con Smart Condom Rates Sexual Performance and Detects STIs

👉Experts Suggest that Blockchain Might Soon Replace Passwords

👉Instagram Now has Over 25 Million Active Business Profiles

👉BlackBerry to Pay $137 Million to Nokia After Losing Contract Dispute

👉Vodafone Now Offers Free Wi-Fi at Noida's Sector-18 Bus Stand

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  1. Yes, I have installed Google Datally. I ve it before as Triangle

  2. As for blackberry they should just sell this company of theirs and Save themselves of this suffering .

  3. Quite interesting headlines, but the one that got stuck to my eyes is the Software Update for Camera Enhancements.

    It will be awesome, but i think the higher smartphone range, will be the one to likely receive any future update for it camera enhancements purpose.

    Its all good sha

  4. Thanks for the interesting packages so far.

  5. 137m, where BlackBerry wan pay am

  6. Vodafone better than this shii we have in naija