December 6 Trending Tech News Headlines

Here comes the top trending technology news at the moment. Facebook is making headlines with the news of Messenger for Kids on the airwaves. Facebook is releasing the kid version of messenger app targeted at the underaged. Also in the news is Google Assistant coming to feature phones. Which means it's no more exclusive to Android Smartphones. Checkout other news that made headlines today.


👉🏿Apple Starts Selling Unlocked & Sim-free Iphone X in the U.S

👉🏿Facebook's New Product Focuses on Kids

👉🏿Gmail for Ios Is Now Optimized for the Iphone X’s Display

👉🏿Youtube Is About to Go on a Hiring Binge to Maintain Dicey Videos off Its Platform

👉🏿Qualcomm Is Going to Battle Against the Iphone, and Its Best Weapon Is a 20-year-old PDA

👉🏿Google Assistant will Now Come to Feature Phones, Starting with JioPhone

👉🏿Google’s Files Go is Now Available Globally

👉🏿Facebook Has a New Messaging App Targeted at Those 13 and Under

👉🏿Today’s Google Doodle is an Attractive Coding Lesson for Kids

👉🏿Winklevoss Twins Become World’s First Bitcoin Billionaires

👉🏿Facebook is Banning Females for Calling Men ‘Scum’

👉🏿The First Text Message was Sent 25 Years Ago

👉🏿Apple Pay Cash Now Available for iOS 11.2 Users

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  1. This Google file go make brain sha.. But as long as it Google, it will still have it cons

    1. What does google file Go do? I remember YouTube Go... The app suck

  2. Lol

    So tell us, who sent the first text message 25 years ago

  3. Wow wide range of selected and interesting topics here thank you so much.

  4. All the topics presented here, are all interesting, but am going to deliberating on facebook issue.

    Everyone here can attest to the fact that facebook is beginning to get people upset, just imagine yesterday i mean on the 5th of Dec, how it went down for couple of minutes...

    One was unable to send and receive message.

    Most of us here can also recall that the something happened sometime last week.

    Based on my observation it has been something of a repeated occurrence.

  5. What ever its, they should make sure that they put things in place, in other to avoid a repetition of the same incidence.

    On a final note, they should perfect the existed ones, before making future arrangements for other services.

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