Latest Tech News Trending Now December 20, 2017

Whatsapp has been asked to stop sharing data with Facebook, US blames North Korea for Wannacry Malware, Facebook has added an ON/OFF switch for its face recognition feature which is still in progress, Chrome will start blocking ads in January 15. This and many more stories are making waves today in the tech world. See the complete headlines below.


👉Xiaomi to Host 'No. 1 Mi Fan' Sale on 20th-21st Dec

👉Leaked Image of Galaxy S9's Rear Panel Hints at Single Rear Camera

👉BMW Headquarters Lit Like a Battery to Celebrate 0.1 Million EV Sales in 2017

👉Internet Download Manager Plug-in Now Supported on Microsoft Edge

👉Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Said To Get a PUBG-style Battle Royale Mode

👉 is Using Visitors' Hardware Resources to Mine Bitcoins

👉Indian Software Market to Touch $5.1 billion in 2018: IDC

👉Tencent to Bring China's Biggest Online Game to Rest of The World

👉Apple India Head Quits Due to Slow Growth in the Country

👉Steam Community Reportedly Blocked by Chinese Internet Regulators

👉Reddit Mobile App Gets New Functions and Mods With the New Update

👉Reliance Jio Introduces ‘HelloJio’ Voice Assistant On Android

👉Virgin Hyperloop One Sets a New Speed Record; Goes 240mph in Latest Test Run

👉France orders WhatsApp to Stop Sharing User Data with Facebook

👉US Blames North Korea for WannaCry

👉Huawei MediaPad M5's Key Specs Leaked, Might Debut at CES 2018

👉Microsoft Bundled ah Vulnerable Third Party Password Manager with Windows 10

👉New Chinese Tech Start-up Promises to 'F*ck Up' the Mobile Industry

👉Reliance Jio Launches Web Version of its JioTV Entertainment Service

👉🏿Whatsapp Asked to Stop Sharing Data with Facebook

👉🏿US Publicly Blames North Korea for the Wannacry Ransomware Attack

👉🏿Reddit Was a Misinformation Hotspot in 2016 Election, Study Says

👉🏿Worst Passwords of 2017 Include '123456' and 'Password'

👉🏿Facebook Just Added a Simple 'on/off Switch' for Its Facial Recognition Features

👉🏿Adidas Closes Its Digital Sports Division

👉🏿Chrome Will Start Blocking Ads on February 15

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  1. How person go dey use 12345 as password? Weird!

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  3. Interesting. We are really looking forward to seeing what Samsung brings to the table next year.