Trending Technology News Headlines Today Dec 17, 2017

Facebook Admits Social Media Usage Can be Harmful. This is one of the tech news headlines that is trending now but hey; not just this. There are other headlines that could interest you now. Just check below to update yourself on recent happenings in the Technology world.


👉Glowing Plants With Firefly Enzyme Could Replace Streetlights in Future

👉Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition Announced, To Arrive on Consoles in 2018

👉OnePlus 5 Receives Second Android Oreo Beta Update

👉Complete Details of the Huawei Honor 9 Youth Edition Leaked Before Launch

👉Privacy-Focused Firefox "Focus" Browser Gets URL Autocomplete

👉Android 8.1 Oreo has Slowed Down the Pixel 2 XL's Fingerprint Sensor: Report

👉FCC Used Dead People's Credentials to Spread Anti-Net Neutrality Comments

👉Rollout of Android Security Updates Officially Ends for BlackBerry Priv

👉Facebook Admits Social Media Usage Can be Harmful

👉Microsoft's Patent Filing Reveals a Foldable Surface Device

👉Ex-Uber Employee Claims the Company Hacked Rivals, and Impersonated Protestors

👉Google Announces LoWPAN Support for Android Things Platform

👉Huawei's Triple Camera Flagship Likely to Launch at MWC 2018

👉Top Rated Android Game Found To Be Leaking Massive Amounts Of User Data

👉Samsung Patents Foldable Phone Dedicated to Gaming

👉Malware "Triconex" Cuts Off Operations at Several Power and Oil Plants

👉Snapchat Launches 'Lens Studio' Tool for Creating Custom AR Effects

👉Taylor Swift Debuts 'The Swift Life' Social Media App for Fans

👉"Inbox" by Gmail Now Helps You Cut Down on Spam

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  1. Well interesting topics as usual, but will laying hand one the report that say that
    Facebook Admits Social Media
    Usage Can be Harmful.
    Well to me too much of everything is bad especially when one tends to be too much addictive to a particular thing e.g social media.

  2. Pls I know this might not be the right thread to post this ples can u verify if the MTN YouTube streaming for night browsing is still working bcos I av tried like twice and it didn't work