TStv Adds GrandSport 1 & 2 Back To Channels List

After recent BeIN sports and hacking issues on their system, TStv Africa has now added back GrandSport 1 and 2 to their channels List

The new Pay TV network in Nigeria, for some weeks now seemed to be silent and in ghost mode until few days ago when they publicly announced that their decoders will soon be available for purchase but no specific date was mentioned.

As it stands now, no one knows exactly when it will be readily available in the market but their is high expectations that it could be this Xmas. Hmmmm, the company has been controversial all this while, hence they are unpredictable again.

My main concern now is if the 20GB data they promised still holds because the way am seeing this TStv of a thing, it looks like they are facing big challenges, troubles and persecution from the already established rivals. What do you think?