Twitter Lite is Now Available in More 24 Countries, What of Nigeria?

Twitter lite as the name suggests, is the "lite" version of the full Twitter app optimized for low bandwidth meaning that people with slow internet service can still use and enjoy Twitter. The app is also beneficial to people on low data budget as it consumes less data than the regular app.

The Twitter lite App which was first released in September 2017 is similar to Facebook lite, Messenger Lite and LinkedIn Lite. These apps doesn't occupy much space in your phone memory and requires less RAM to work unlike the heavy full versions.


When it was released for the first time, the Twitter Lite app was available for only Philippines but today, more 24 countries can download an have access to the app. Below is the list of countries that can install and use it as at the time of this publication.
✔️ Algeria
✔️ Bangladesh
✔️ Bolivia
✔️ Brazil
✔️ Colombia
✔️ Costa Rica
✔️ Ecuador
✔️ Egypt
✔️ Israel
✔️ Kazakhstan
✔️ Mexico
✔️ Malaysia
✔️ Nigeria
✔️ Nepal
✔️ Panama
✔️ Peru
✔️ Serbia
✔️ El Salvador
✔️ South Africa
✔️ Thailand
✔️ Tunisia
✔️ Tanzania
✔ ️Venezuela.

I don't know about you but am glad to see Nigeria among the list. This means Twitter lite app is now available in Nigeria. You can search for it on Playstore and install if you need it.

The size of Twitter Lite app is only 3MB, though Facebook lite is still smaller than it as it's just below 1MB making it quick and easy to download even on 2G network connections.

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At the moment only Android users can use the app as it's not yet available for iOS users (iPhone, iPad).