YouTube App for iOS Gets Dynamic Player for Vertical Playback

Before now, iOS users were having issues with playing YouTube videos vertically as there is always a black line that appears when playing video in that mode.

Now, the recent update to YouTube iOS version of its app has fixed it and you can now play vertical videos correctly. This update was issued to the Android app two and a half years ago but for some reason never came to iOS until now.

This simply means users will be able to watch a vertically shot video in the correct aspect ratio without issues. It will be a big relief from the black bar issues encountered while watching fullscreen on a vertical video played in landscape with massive black bars on the side. Now playing a vertical video in fullscreen keeps the screen in portrait so the video fills your entire screen.

But at the moment, YouTube is yet to fix the issue for users who record videos vertically.


  1. Wonderful...
    So happy for Ios users, the limitation has been lifted.

  2. I really like it whenever people get together and share opinions.

    Great blog, keerp it up!