5 Reasons Why Your Phone Camera Suddenly Deteriorate

I have come across some people asking why their phone camera suddenly deteriorate after sometime. In many such cases, the cameras used to be sharp and clean but after some months of usage it becomes poor which results to blurred pictures.

In recent years, smartphone makers put camera in high consideration when making phones hence we now see camera centric devices. One of the companies that has produced this type of phone is Tecno Mobile. The Chinese smartphone OEM has the Camon series which basically focuses on camera quality and of course the picture quality from the Tecno Camon phones are superbe at initial stage but as time goes on, it starts deteriorating. This particular experience is not exclusively to Tecno but most other smartphone producers

So in this post, I'm going to show you the likely reasons why phone cameras deteriorats and worn out over time.

Some people may argue that phones from quality brands like Samsung and iPhone doesn't experience this same thing but by the time you are through with this post, you will see the hidden truth.


1. Dust Accumulation: dust accumulation on the camera sensor can result to resolution loss, pixels of false colors, noise, spots etc. So before you blame your phone makers for making low quality devices, ensure you clean up the sensor with a soft white cotton material.

2. Worn-out Moving Parts: the Worn-out parts leaving the sensor out of alignment can result to focus images loss, blurry and distorted images

3. Improper Maintenance: bad maintenance culture can lead to "burn-out receptors on the sensor" (which lead to "blank spots on the image, false-color pixels and resolution loss"

4. Dust in The Lens: When there is dust in the Lens, it could result to noisy, blurry and distorted images

5. Scratched or Destroyed Lens Coating: when this happen, it could lead to distortion or false colors due to ultraviolet and infrared radiation reaching the sensor.

As you can see, you can't completely blame it on the phone manufacturer because at times, the fault is from you, the owner. The way you handle your phone matters a lot.

Another reason is "false imagination". As new phones with greater and better cameras comes out, yours becomes too poor for your liking.

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For instance, when I was using Nokia 6600, the camera was one of the best then but after a year when new phones starts coming out with upgraded camera features, I then started noticing my Nokia 6600 camera is not giving me a perfect photo as before. That's absolutely false imagination arising from the launch of better phones.

What do you think?


  1. Well as it is, nothing is left to remain the way it came forever.

    No matter how expensive a cloth is, it will still worn out some day...

    The same issues goes with battery,
    We should try as much as possible to always maintain what we have, we may not be using it forever, but enjoying the warranty and other stuffs that goes with it will make one appreciate the money spent on acquiring them

  2. How do we clean the camera sensor?