Bad News: Bitcoin Drops to $10,250

Bitcoin leads Cryptocurrency slump at the moment amid expected crackdown. You will be shocked at the current price of Bitcoin as of today.

I mean, most of us didn't expect this massive fall on Bitcoin price graph 📊 so early this year.

2017 was a massive year for Cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular. BTC once recorded an all time high price of $17,000+ according to coindesk. But as of today January 17, 2018, Bitcoin has lost over $7,000 in value. Having said that, the price of Bitcoin right now is $10,250
Bitcoin price today
The price increased dramatically last year which resulted to many people jumping into the business, some bought as many BTC as they can and hurd their coins believing in 2018, the value will get to $20,000 in January so they can sell and make profits.

But that dream is shattered for now. There are speculation that the price will go down more in coming days although, I am very optimistic that Bitcoin will rise again but we have to exercise a little patience.

This downfall is not only affecting BTC but other top crypto platforms like Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

But on a positive side, I think this is the right time to buy more Bitcoin at cheaper rate because it's likely to rise up again later in the year. The fall of Bitcoin price is a good news to intending buyers while it's bad news for investors (those that bought).

So finally, don't loose hope completely. Digital currency is the future and Bitcoin will bounce back. We must make profits.


  1. Just falling like Nigerian currency against dollar

  2. that's sad hope its picks up again soon

  3. Bitcoin will pick up again I have great faith

  4. Something that is already rising back