Benin Republic Orders Globacom to Leave the Country

Nigerian telecom giant Globacom has been ordered to leave Benin because it has refused to pay a new licensing fee.

The Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP), which issued the order, noted that its decision was based on the Glo’s refusal to pay while others are paying.

The regulator said it had, therefore, directed Glo to stop the sale of new SIM cards and recharge cards.

Glo is required to notify its subscribers of the impending cessation of its activities and ask them to use up their available airtime and data within 30 days of the notification sent to them, according to the regulator.

“Glo Mobile will also have to maintain its passive co-location infrastructure with other operators for a period of three months,” ARCEP stated.

In September 2017, negotiations between Glo and the new administration failed.

Glo has been operating in Benin since August 2007 and has grown its market share to about 12% over the 11 years period.

If Glo finally leaves Benin, it would have been the second to leave after Bell Benin Communications SA exited some time back.

That country would then be left with MTN, Libercom, Spacetel and Moov serving subscribers in that country.
Source: FinancialWatchNgr.

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  1. Too bad for them..
    With they way they are going Ghana telecom regulators might even do the same, poor sef delivery in Ghana as reported by their customers.

    Nigeria is not even left out of the whole thing sef