Lady Who Mistakenly Bought N15K Airtime Gets Disappointing Reply from MTN

A lady wanted to recharge her MTN line with N1500 airtime via Eco bank mobile recharge gateway but mistakenly entered N15,000 instead of N1,500 and viam... Bank deducted her money and credited her SIM with 15k worth of Airtime.

The lady whose name is Sylvia on Twitter quickly and smartly tweeted about her predicament and tagged @MTNNG and @Ecobank_nigeria on Twitter (that's the benefit of being techy).

But you will be amazed at the painful reply MTN gave her. It was a disappointing experience when MTN Replied her saying they can't help her.

Yello, sorry for the inconvenience, kindly note that vended airtime from bank account can't be reversed. Our sincere apologies.

However, after much pleading, Ecobank refunded the money to her.

But why did MTN say it can't be refunded at first place? Oh I get it. It's out of their agreement when it comes to airtime from VTU right?

Hmmm one have to be careful when purchasing airtime from bank. Be mindful of the digits you enter to avoid stories that touches.

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But come to think of it, most banks adds a 10k limit on airtime recharge because of this kind of case but why is it not like that in Ecobank?


  1. Well i know fully well that MTN can reverse the airtime, but they are considering who one do business without making it...

    Secondly i want to blame ecobank and also commend them.

    They should try as much as possible to make sure Occurrences avoided in the future by doing the needful, yes they really need to, then on a final note i want to commend them for reversing the airtime...

  2. i know of a lady who mistakenly recharge 40k on her glo line, i don't know the bank though

    1. 40K, guy she dey sleep durin the transfer neh?