All MTN Data Plan 2018 (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Night Plans)

This post contains all MTN data plan 2018 including daily, weekly, monthly and night plans and codes to subscribe or activate them. MTN is a heavyweight in the Nigerian telecommunication industry with highest area coverage in the country which is one of the upper hand the network has over her competitors. Also, the network has more number of subscribers hence almost everyone has an MTN SIM card even though they have SIM cards of other networks.
MTN data plan 2018
Most of these MTN Data plans are flexible and affordable, they can be used on Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Mifi, Dongles, PSP consoles etc. The monthly data plans last for 30 days, the weekly is up to 7 days, while the daily plans can be used in 24 hours if you are concerned about their validity period. Meanwhile, there are heavy data packages that valid for 60 days and 90 days, they are Quarterly plans.

Apart from the conventional data bundles from MTN Nigeria, there is this plan that has been my favorite and I will like you to also try it because it's a good value for money. I am referring to MTN double data package which gives you 3GB for N1000 instead of 1.5GB for same N1000.

However, MTN recently reviewed some current data plans and allocated a portion of the data to be used at night between 1am to 7am. These bonus are time-restricted, so they can't be used during the day once the main data is exhausted.

All MTN Data Plans 2018


There are two daily plans from MTN which targets people that urgently need to carry out some task online on with a little price.
With this plan, you can check your social media notifications, download little files and of course, stream a little at low cost. They are among the cheapest data plans from MTN after the N25 night plan.

✔️ 50MB for N100: some years back, we were paying N100 for just 30MB but now MTN has improved and increased the data allocated to this daily plan by increasing it to 50MB for 100 Naira. They even added additional 20MB which valid for 24hrs.

To activate this plan, dial *104# or send an SMS of 104 to 131

✔️ 150MB for N200: I think 150MB should be enough for you to read all the news for the day, follow your favorite blogs and also chat on social media. This plan is enough for you to check your email and the likes.

To activate it, make sure you have up to N200 on your SIM and dial *113# or quickly send an SMS of 113 to 131.


Just like the daily plans, MTN has two weekly plans but lasts for 7 days. Those who loves streaming and downloading, will definitely find these plans reasonable. You can as well use it to check notifications and many other things you wish to do on the internet without interruption. Meanwhile, they are way better than what you used to get before.

✔️ 150MB for N300: As you can see, this plan has same volume of data as the N200 daily plan discussed earlier but the difference is validity period and the 100 naira gap. If you want to enjoy this data the more, use it for reading blog posts, nairaland, Telegram WhatsApp, Messenger but don't use much Facebook especially viewing of pictures. Run away from Snapchat and Instagram else the data may finish before the 7 days validity period.

To subscribe, dial *102# or send an SMS of 102 to 131.

✔️ 500MB + 250MB (Bonus data) for N500: The plan is awesome. Just N500 will give you 500MB, not only that, you also get an additional 250MB data that’s usable between 1am to 7am on daily basis.

To activate, dial *102# or quickly send an SMS of 102 to 131 and you are done subscribing.
mtn best plans

MTN offers series of monthly data bundles with different data volumes and prices but all can be used up to 30 days. The most popular and best MTN monthly plan is the N1000 for 1.5GB plan which can also give you 3GB if you are Eligible for double data bonus.

✔️ 1GB + (500MB bonus data) for N1,000: MTN updated this plan towards the end of last year. 500MB was withdrawn and only usable at night from 1am to 7am so subscribers now have only 1GB to use all the time within the period of 30 days.

To subscribe, dial *106# or send 106 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.

✔️ 1.5GB for N1,500: This plan give you the data without restrictions. You don’t have to get additional bonus that’s restricted to time. By adding N500, you’d get 1.5GB data as main data which will valid for 30 days.

To activate, dial *130# or send 130 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.

✔️ 7. 2.5GB + 1GB (Bonus data) for N2,000: This plan is good for a heavy Internet user but you need to pay a penny to activate it. You get 2.5GB data plus 1GB as an additional bonus that can be used from 1am to 7am on daily basis. It valid for 30 days which is complete full month.

To opt-in to this plan, dial *110# or send 110 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.

✔️ 5GB for 3,500: This plan give you the data without restrictions. You don’t have to get additional bonus that’s restricted to time. By adding N3,500, you’d get 5GB data as main data which will valid for 30 days.

To opt-in to this plan, dial *107# or send 107 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.

✔️ 10GB for N5,000: Here comes the stage for heavy data users. This plan is suitable for bloggers and those that likes to download files frequently. With N5000, you get a Whooping 10GB that valid for 30 days.

To activate this plan, dial *116# or just send 116 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.


✔️ 22GB for N10,000:
To activate, dial *117# or send 117 to 131 as SMS text message. It valid for one month as well.


✔️ 50GB for N20,000: it valid for 60 days (2 months)
To activate, dial *118# or send 118 to 131 as SMS text message

✔️ 85GB for N50,000: It valid for 90 Days (3 months).
To opt-in to this plan, dial *133# or send 133 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.


MTN introduced the Night Plan back in 2016 and since then, it has been the cheapest data plan from the network. Because with just N25, you get 500MB worth of data to use in the night but this plan is exclusively for MTN Pulse Tariff subscribers.

To be eligible for the night plan, you need to migrate to MTN Pulse by dialling *406# USSD code.

The night plan can be used between 12am to 4am in the night and is only valid for one night. However, multiple night plan activation in a night isn’t allowed. Though smart guys who have more than one MTN SIM cards activates it on those SIM cards if they need to do more in the light at a very low cost.

To activate MTN night plan, send “NIGHT” to 131 as text message (without the quote).

MTN Activation Codes and Prices

PlanValidityOpt-in Code
MTN Daily Plans
50MB @ N1001 DayDial *104#
100MB @ N2001 DayDial *113#
MTN Weekly Plans
150MB @ N3007 DaysDial *102#
500MB (+ 250MB bonus data) @ N5007 DaysDial *103#
MTN Monthly Plans
1GB + (+ 500MB bonus data) @ N1,00030 DaysDial *106#
1.5GB @ N1,20030 DaysDial *130#
2.5GB (+ 1GB bonus data) @ N2,00030 DaysDial *110#
5GB @ N3,50030 DaysDial *107#
10GB @ N5,00030 DaysDial *116#
22GB @ N10,00030 DaysDial *117#
Quarterly 60/90 Days MTN Plans
50GB @ N20,00060 DaysDial *118#
85GB @ N50,00090 DaysDial *133#
MTN Night Plan
500MB @ N25For one nightSend “NIGHT” to 131 as SMS text message

How to Subscribe For MTN Data Plans

You can subscribe to MTN data plans by dialling *131# and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the plan of your choice or use the activation codes above.

You can check your MTN data balance at anytime by dialing *131*4# or through SMS method by sending STATUS to 131 in text message.

NOTE you can access available MTN plans by simply dialing the USSD code *131#


  1. MTN has nothing worth my money

  2. Thanks wizytechs, atleast their night plan is serving me right interms of updating apps.
    I am so happy that they have finally restored 3g to my area for the first time in more than seven years, after making several calls and sending messages to them