Watch How iPhone Battery Explodes After Man Bite To Test It

Could you imagine that a man bite an iPhone battery in the name of testing if it's original or fake and he got what he was looking for.

It's a general knowledge that batteries are meant to be carefully handled because once there is a short circuit 💫, explosion may occur. Other things that could make a battery explode is exposing it to hit, direct sunlight, smashing it on the ground, applying pressure on it and similar activities.

In this context, the man's stupidity is actually the cause of the explosion. A customer at a store in China was looking to buy a replacement battery for his iPhone, and when the employee on duty shows him one, the best thing he could think of was to bite into the battery to test its authenticity, that singular act made the battery explode in his face.

Information from a Taiwanese News revealed that the man studied the battery for a while and set out to check if it was “a real battery” or original by biting it. The pressure on the battery created a reaction that led to a massive ball of fire which engulfed both he and his female companion.

Fortunately for him, he didn't sustain serious injuries but this will serve as a lesson to him and to the world how dangerous it could be when battery is not handled properly.

You can watch the YouTube video to see how the thing happened. A word is enough for the wise.

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  1. Ehya so sorry for the man...
    That's why its advisable to always ask question, i too know at times sef no dey yield good result..

    I hope say my comment no too dey harsh...

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