WhatsApp Update: You Can Now Listen to Voice Message Before Sending

It's no more news that whatsapp is the most popular Instant Messaging platform in the world right now. The platform keeps on adding more features from time to time to make it outstanding.

The most recent addition is the ability to listen to your voice message before sending it. It's available now on whatsapp version 2.18.10. I am sure you will like this.

Before now, when this feature wasn't available, you aren’t able to listen to your voice messages on WhatsApp before sending them and every incoming call will automatically terminate the voice recording.

Although this update is only available for iOS users for now, it's expected to hit the Android Google Playstore soon. This WhatsApp for iOS that fixes voice message bugs so you can now listen to your voice message before sending them to the recipient; and also, when you are recording a voice message, and you receive and incoming whatsapp call, your voice message would no longer be deleted but will be saved.


Now, when recording whatsapp a voice message,
✔️ You can receive a new WhatsApp (or system) call
✔️ You can listen a voice message
✔️ You can close WhatsApp
✔️ It will continue even if your battery is low
✔️ You can forward/delete a message or you change chat/section in the process
✔️ You can view an image, video, album.

In these scenarios, WhatsApp will save your voice message so you won’t lose it!


Simply go to iTunes and update your WhatsApp with v2.18.10
Android users should be patient and hope it arrives pretty soon.

Source; Webetainfo


  1. chei, ios users first, well its all good, i will patiently
    for the
    android version. But before then, a short experience so far on the whatsapp voice
    platform, often time i had to
    cancel my recording either too rush while recording
    and little mistakes which Usually leads to the recordings been cancelled and finally send a befitting one. Ok the Introduction of this version will make it easy, atleast one can easily listen before sending rather than sending it.

  2. and the receiver Will be like i don't understand o. I hope you guys grab? Always thanks for reading.