Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Are You Getting Ready for Android 9.0 (aka Android P)?

Google is currently busy working on new Android 9.0 also known as Android P. According to reports, this version of Android OS will feature support for call recording both on the receivers and caller ends.

Call recording is actually not a new thing for mobile phone users but it seems this will come with more features better than the traditional call recording we are already used to.

Some code has been added to AOSP(Android Open Source Project) by Google’s engineers references the existence of a “call recording tone” that would presumably be played once users press the corresponding button in order to start recording their conversation.

The tone itself is said to be of the 1,400Hz variety, meaning people of all ages should be able to hear it without any issues, with one of the commits referring to it revealing that it’s meant to be played every 15 seconds while the conversation is being recorded, presumably as to remind the person who didn’t initiate the recording that it’s still participating in one.

The question now is this? Can your phone receive OS update? Funny but interesting thing is many Android users are yet to get Android 8.0 update and now a new version is on the way.
source Androidheadlines.

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  1. It is some how sha, because some smartphones are yet to get the 8.0 oreo os...
    Well let us keep our fingers crossed and expect the best...

    But meanwhile a source revealed to me that the upcoming os will be called 'Potato os 9.0...
    Wawu like seriously yes tho but its just a serious joke...

    Good morning friends...