Free Download Official iPhone X Wallpaper For Android and iPhone

The iPhone X is Apples flagship device and also one of the best phones in the world at the moment.

The device has a full bezel-less screen design as well as a Super Retina display, and above all, it has a unique wallpaper. But there is now a free download link for the iPhone X wallpaper.

The official iPhone X wallpaper has blurry colours and so gives a Bokeh-like effect. This makes the app icons on the screen look like they are in focus in the foreground and the wallpaper out of focus in the background. It is a lovely piece of work. Nice quote from mister Mo.

So if you have been admiring the iPhone X wallpaper but you don't have the phone, you can now download and activate the wallpaper on your smartphone whether Android or any other iPhone.

This IPhone X wallpaper can be used on Samsung Galaxy, Infinix, Motorola, TECNO, Nokia, or Xiaomi smartphone. It can even be activated on old blackberry phones.

Personally, I don't really fancy the wallpaper because it's too colorful for my liking. But I am sure, there are people that sees things differently because we all can't like the same thing.

So if you are interested, you can click the image below to download it.

After that, activate as your default wallpaper.

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Remember that another name for iPhone X is the iPhone 10. It was the best phone produced by Apple in 2017.

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  1. Best phone produced in 2017 , what a wonderful achievement