Google Pay Now Available, How It Works?

Google has finally replaced Android Pay and Google Wallet with Google Pay, a new unified app that has the essential features on the previous payment apps.
Google pay

Google Pay is more simple and easy to use. There is a cards tab for storing credit and debit card details securely. Google says that eventually, the app will support all Google products. The idea is to provide a consistent experience for users during checkout.

Recall that Google owns Android and many other apps on your Android device so this payment platform is expected to be available in all. For now, it's already available on Playstore and you can also download the app on your device.

Google Pay does not share your card number when you use it to make a payment. If your debit or credit card has been stored on it, simply select google Pay at checkout. The app will handle the rest. This I believe is for security reasons and it's great.

The app supports NFC for mobile payments, as well as payments for web-based shopping exercises.

According to Google, users in the US and UK will also be able to send and request money through app just as it's done on PayPal. This feature will be added within a few months.

In summary, Google Pay will be available everywhere you need to shop – on websites, in apps, and at “your favourite places around the world”.

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You can download Google Pay App for Android here and see stuffs for yourself.

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