Best Unlimited Data Plan In Nigeria? (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Because of the importance of data bundles, many people now ask which is the best data plan to subscribe to? Which is the best unlimited data plan in Nigeria? And similar questions.

Well, Ntel has an answer for that as there is daily, weekly, monthly and even unlimited night plans available on Ntel 4G network. In fact, Ntel 4G is one of the best in the country however, the drawback is they are still not available in most states.

A smartphone without data is like a feature phone (jarva) because most of its features won't work properly or might not even work at all.

Even after increasing the price of their unlimited monthly plan to N17,500 last year, Ntel still has the best data plans.

Ntel unlimited plans allows you to download unlimited with fast internet connection without any form of throttling. It will be ideal for you whenever you have larger files to download. Here we have compiled the plans for you to make your choice.

This plan gives you unlimited access to the internet for 48 hours. With it, you can download, stream videos and browse as you like with a data cap or speed throttling. The price for this plan is N1500.
Ntel unlimited daily

With the weekly plan, you can download unlimitedly for 7 days. It gives you access to the internet with unlimited video streaming, browsing, for N3,750. It has no data cap. You can actually download more than 70GB if you wish to crumble the internet. Remember it's faster than 3G network.
Ntel unlimited weekly plan

Going for the weekly plan is actually preferable because if you calculate the price of the unlimited weekly, its not upto the price of the monthly. We are talking of N17,500 for a monthly unlimited plan here.
Ntel unlimited monthly

The night plan is an alternative data plan you can also consider if staying awake at night won't give you concern. It starts from 10PM and ends 6am every night. You can see details of Ntel unlimited Night plans here for more information.