Breaking News: Will Vkworld K1 Beat Huawei P20 To Be World’s First 3-Camera Phone?

Dual camera has been a standard feature for smartphones in today’s market. And with more demands for mobile photography, some company is even thinking adding more camera to smartphones. It is said that Huawei P20 is going to feature 3 cameras on the back. With more cameras, there seems to be more functions. Recently, another Chinese company vkworld is also working on a 3-camera phone called vkworld K1.
Vkworld K1

The design is typical metal frame with dual glass. But the rings around the cameras have different colors. And the metal frame is polished like iPhone X.

The main camera is a 16MP sensor. And the second camera is for telephoto, which can support 2.5X optical zoom. And the third camera is for low light performance. The low-light camera will shoot 10 photos and combine them together to create a much clearer picture. It is the same way as Samsung Galaxy S9.

The phone will feature 4G RAM+64G ROM, octa-core processor and also a 4000mAh battery. And vkworld K1 will be released in the middle of 2018.


  1. If you take a look at the technology scene today, using the phone section as a case study, you will discover how high the competition is going, each brand wants to stay relevant to gain more ground, now taking a closer look at the said Vkworld i think they have something yummy to offer this time around...