Check This Interesting Tech News Headlines Today

I have some interesting tech news trending today and I believe you would like to see the them. Here is the list...

👉🏿Instagram & Snapchat remove Giphy integration due to sticker w/ racial slur

👉🏿Google Maps Celebrates Mario Day With Super Mario Kart Navigation

👉🏿Sri Lanka Blocked Facebook This Week for Allegedly Spreading Hate Speech and Violence

👉🏿Fortnite is coming to iOS, Android with PS4 and PC cross-play

👉🏿Xbox One will automatically use your TV’s game mode

👉🏿Black Panther has crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide

👉🏿Chuchel is a whimsical adventure game that’s guaranteed to make you smile

👉🏿Twitter to expand its verified blue tick status for all

👉🏿Apple plans new charging port for iPhones, iPads of the future

👉🏿UK government lays out new guidelines for IoT device security

👉🏿Twitter appoints IIT-Bombay alumnus Parag Agrawal as new CTO

👉🏿Instagram and Snapchat yank Giphy integration due to racist GIF

👉🏿Apple May Be Working on High-End Headphones and a Cheaper MacBook Air

👉The Rimac Concept Two is a Futuristic EV With Face Unlock Technology

👉Motorola Reportedly Cancels Moto X5, Lays Off Hundreds of Employees

👉Facebook's AR Camera Now Includes Effects for Real-World Tracking Markers

👉Snapchat and Instagram Remove Giphy Integration Due to Racist GIF

👉Not Just Wi-Fi, Even 4G Is Not Safe From Hackers

👉Sony Combines 3.5mm Jack and USB-C in One Dongle, But It May Not Charge All That Well

👉Aston Martin’s Lagonda Is the Concept Car of Your Dreams

👉The World’s First Production Ready Flying Car Shown Off at Geneva Motor Show 2018

👉You Can Send Your Name to The Sun Aboard the Parker Solar Probe

👉Scientists are Working on Technology to Fast Charge Electric Cars

👉A Robot Solved the Rubik’s Cube in 0.38 Seconds and It Can Still Go Faster

👉Smartphones Will Have Different Shapes in Near Future: HTC Co-Founder

👉Waymo Also Has Self-Driving Trucks On the Road

👉Acer was Top Gaming PC Brand in India in Q4 2017

👉Amazon's Alexa Can Now Answer Follow-Up Questions

👉Galaxy S9, S9+ Get March 2018 Security Update; Beats iPhone X in LTE Speeds

👉Xiaomi Redmi 5 Will Be An Amazon Exclusive in India At Launch

👉Bolt App Lock by Facebook's Onavo Tracks Your App Usage Under the Guise of Privacy

👉Intel Considering Possible Bid to Acquire Broadcom, Which Is Going After Qualcomm

👉Netflix Testing 'Patches' Feature to Rewards Kids for Binge Watching

👉Airtel Payments Bank Fined ₹5 Crore for Violating Aadhaar Biometric KYC Rules

👉Team Substratum Launches Petition To Reverse Android P Theming Changes

👉Instagram’s Upcoming Portrait Mode Feature Is Called ‘Focus’

👉Reliance Retail Invests $7 Million in KaiOS Which Powers JioPhone and Nokia's Banana Phone

👉Bose Announces AR Platform, Unveils Prototype AR Glasses

👉Google Assistant Gets Notifications, Premium Content from Apps, Media Playback Controls

👉Elon Musk’s Boring Company Changes Focus to Mass Transit from Personal Cars

👉Motorola Could Soon Release A Virtual Reality Headset Moto Mod

👉Truecaller Survey: 1 out of 3 Women in India Gets Sexual or Offensive Calls or SMS

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