Facebook Messenger Lite Now Have Video Chat Features

Facebook introduced Messenger Lite last year to bring the messenger experience to people using low-end phones as well as people with poor network connections as the regular messenger app requires better network and phone with good specs to work well.
Messenger Lite video chat

Another advantage of the messenger Lite app is that it saves data so if you are on a budget, you should consider using the lite version. This helps prolong your data plans unlike the normal messenger app that zaps more data.

Like other apps that now has lite versions such as Facebook lite, YouTube Go, Twitter Lite and even LinkedIn Lite, the messenger lite is Faster and has almost all the basic features available in the lite version.

Video chat option is one feature that is available in the standard version of the messenger app but it's missing in the lite version before now. But facebook has now decided to add one of the very important feature to messenger lite, video chatting.

According to Facebook, video chat is a core part of communication and so it wouldn't make sense to be removed from Messenger, even if we're talking about a slimmed down version of the app.
If you are using the standard version and find it so sluggish or consume a lot of space, you can uninstall it and download the lite version.

Could you believe that the size of the standard app is 114MB while Messenger Lite weighs under 10MB making it fast to install and fast to start up. It takes less memory on your device.

Other features of the lite version includes core messaging capabilities, including sending text, photos, links, as well as audio calls to people with either version of the app.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite from playstore here.

Why are you not yet using it? For me, I use both apps, whenever I'm on low budget, I use the lite version to save data.


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