How To Activate YouTube Dark Theme Mode For Mobile

Google has finally rolled out dark theme mode for YouTube for mobile devices to help protect your eyes while streaming videos at night or in dark areas.
YouTube mobile dark theme

Before now, the traditional color of YouTube is red and white for both mobile and desktop platforms. But now there are more options.

Google just followed the footsteps of Twitter to make this possible. Although there is workaround to enable this option in YouTube.


✔️ Login to your YouTube account
✔️ Tap on your Profile
✔️ Then tap on Settings
✔️ Now you can enable the Dark Theme and it will immediately switch to Dark Theme.
YouTube dark theme
Dark theme

YouTube made this announcement from their Twitter official handle and has confirmed that iOS users have already received the update but Android users will soon receive the update. Though, The date wasn’t specified.

More information about this can be seen on the Tweet

Dark theme is best for dark areas. This helps prevent the bad effects from blue rays that emanate from your mobile device.