How To Upgrade Infinix Note 4 To Android 8 Oreo

Now that Android 8 Oreo update is available for Infinix Note 4 (X572), here is a tutorial to help you update your device even as you wait for the final OTA rollout.

Other Infinix phones that got the update includes Note 4 Pro and Zero 5 but infinix Note 4 the first to experience the new Android version.
Infinix note 4 Android 8 update

I am sure some users of this phone had already updated their devices while some are still waiting either because they are afraid of the possible bugs that normally comes with new software updates or they are unaware of how to update it.

As for the potential bugs that may be available, Infinix Mobility has promised to push more updates to fix them. Just as Samsung always do with their devices.

As you know, there are many advantages that comes with software update. One of them is improved security of your personal private data on your phone, improvements in Malware Attacks, apps compatibility, addition of new features and so on.

✔ Unroot your phone if it's rooted to avoid bricking it. Meanwhile, who still roots phone in 2018?
✔️ You may need to backup your current firmware. This will be helpful if you later decide to downgrade to previous version for any reason
✔️ Charge your phone to at least 90% because if your phone trips off during the process of upgrading, it could brick it.
✔️ You need upto 2GB to download the update. This means data subscription is necessary here.

Once you have met all the above requirements, kindly follow the below procedures to upgrade your Infinix Note 4 to Android 8.0 Oreo operating system.
How to update infinix note 4 Android 8

✔ Navigate to settings>About >System, update and search for an update. If an update is available,
✔️ Tap on "download and install"
✔️ After completing the download, reboot your device & install
✔️ Now, wait for your device to boot into recovery mode and install the update.
✔️ Allow the updating process to complete without any interruption
✔️ Immediately the installation is complete, your Infinix Note 4 X572 will restart and you’ll have Android 8.1.0 oreo running on your device with the latest version of XOS.

HURRAH! You have joined the Oreo gang. Experience the beauty of Android 8.0. In case you don't know what this version offers, you can check the features here for more info.


  1. I updated my note 4 yestarday but the battery drains very fast and also x charge is not working again,it takes longer time now to charge,and because of these issues i want to downgrade back to NOUGAT

  2. My phone brought the update but later it disappeared so now I can't upgrade it

  3. My phone brought the update and when I was ready to update my phone it just suddenly disappeared.. What can I do?

  4. I saw an update of my hot 5 tag VERSION UPDATE with 443.88mb... will it upgrade it to Oreo