TStv Sassy Decoder Price, Channels And Where To Buy In Nigeria

TStv will launch Sassy Decoder in April 1st, 2018 at the price of N3,500 in Nigeria with the following channels on the list.
Tstv Sassy Decoder n dish

TStv Sassy Decoder is here but let's hope it won't be another promise and fail as we are now used to that. In fact, some people had already lost interest in the name "TStv" and their promises but with this development, anything can happen.

The new decoder will work similar to GOtv. I mean, as GOtv is to MultiChoice, Sassy Decoder will be to TStv. In other words, Sassy Decoder is a smaller version of the normal TStv decoder with some premium sports channels removed.

There are about 70 channels on the Sassy Decoder but there won't be premium sports channels that will broadcast LIVE English Premier League (EPL) matches. You may receive broadcast for other sports programs and football from other countries or regions though.

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Hence, TSTV now has two sets of decoders: Sassy and Dexterity. The Dexterity is what the company promised Nigerians last year with 200+ channels + 20GB data but won’t be on sale now, while the Sassy decoder will be on sale from 1st of April, 2018 and there is no official statement whether this free data will be available on the Sassy or not.

Note that the official price of TSTV decoder for last year sale was N5,000 but has been reduced to N3,500 for the new Sassy decoder.

What is TSTV Sassy decoder? Do you have more information about this new pay-TV gadget in town? Checkout below list of useful information pertaining the word "Sassy".
Sassy Decoder

1. The Dish, Remote and TSTV decoder will be sold for N3,500 only.
2. Sassy decoder contains up to 70+ channels.
3. ‎TSTV Sassy decoder doesn’t support internet, hence you won’t get the 20GB promised.
4. Using Quick teller platform to pay subscription plan is fully supported.
5. Pause Subscription is supported: You can only pause your subscription for 7 days only out of the 30 days subscription plan and the Pause subscription is Only Available for 1 month subscription plan.
6. ‎You can record videos and play it later on Sassy decoder which is the PVR function.
7. ‎N200 for daily subscription, N500 for 3-day subscription and N750 for weekly subscription.

Click here to check available dealers in all the sates and cities in Nigeria.


The new Sassy Decoder comes with different packages from what was promised in the Dexterity decoder. There is no free data but there is pay-per-view.

Some people with machines that can access free to air channels are already enjoying some of the TStv channels pending time for official release.

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