Uncertified Phones: Bad News For Android Devices On Custom ROM

Google, the owner of Android OS is very determined to ensure that every Android device is clean, certified and safe for use. Hence Google is disabling support for phones which are not officially certified by the manufacturer.

In other words, if you installed or flashed a custom ROM on your Android device, chances are that you may not be able to login to any google app or services anymore.
Uncertified Android phone

This was happening particularly to those who were using smartphones with unlocked bootloaders or running a custom ROM.

Today, Google has confirmed to Android Police the statement in which it acknowledged this practice.

"Certified Android devices offer users consistent experiences when using apps from Google and the Play Store… as well as Google Play Protect]. We acknowledge that some manufacturers are building and selling devices that have not been certified by Google."

This means that from now on, devices that are not certified with Google will be explicitly exempted from signing into Google Apps. This measure is to save you from some manufacturers that releases phones with secret bugs and security issues that could result to something more dangerous to the user.

Google also revealed that there is no cost in getting hardware certified so it's expected that every phone maker should have their products certified if it runs on Android Operating System.

If your phone is affected, you will see a message like this "this device is not certified by google" whenever you try to sign in to any google app.
Device not certified

And as you know, an Android phone is made up of Google apps including Gmail, Google Map, Google Search, Chrome, Playstore, Calender, Gsuites, Blogger, Google services, notifications and so on. If you are not able to sign in, your Android phone will be useless or won't perform optimally.


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    1. They are safe Even those using custom ROM toooo.....

  2. Those who are in the habit of porting custom ROMs to their phones like my humble self, there are 2 lines in the build.prob which we should be extremely careful with while editing.
    The 2 lines are ro.build.description and ro.build.fingerprint.

    Once these lines are not edited properly, the above screen shot will surely popped up and you won't be able to log in to your Google account.

  3. An exert from the official statements reads "Google now blocks GApps on uncertified devices, but lets custom ROM users be whitelisted".