What Happens To Phone Numbers Of Dead People

This post may be somehow scary to some people and at the same time reflective in the sense that it will call back your mind and remind you of the inevitable which everyone must face in this world, which is death.

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your phone number when you eventually leave this world? Don't be sacred, you will live a fulfilled life and won't die untimely. But this expensive question needs an answer.
Dead people's phone number

No one will stay in this world for eternity so one day, we will join the angels in heaven and leave all the wealths, friends, relations and many other things including our laptops and smartphones here in this world.

Your Mobile Phone number serves as an identity which is used to reach you at anytime from virtually anywhere in the world but when you are no more, what happens to this your phone number?

When someone dies, his or her phone number remains active for about 6 months and after that, it will be recycled if there was no activities like calls, browsing or text messages on the line.

By recycling, I mean the number will be assigned to another customer in a different location who will now register and use the number.

For sure, I've experienced this in 2016 when one of my school mates died untimely while swimming in a river. His phone was still on and calls were coming including bank alerts and other messages. Later the phone was switched off by his parents.

After some months, the SIM card was inserted on another device and there was many sms messages and few calls from people who aren't aware of his demise. Again, the SIM was removed and kept in a locker for over 9 months.

Finally, the elder brother decided to use the SIM to register for a Gmail account and lo and behold, it didn't work. He used another line to call the number... Guess what. Another person answered the call with a strange language and voice. The guy was scared and dropped the call.

The next day, he dialed the line again and similar thing happened. Then after all researches and consultation, he was made to understand that the number has been recycled and given to another customer.

I also experienced similar thing when my aunty died. So that's what happens to a deceased person's phone number after some months or years.

Now, next question is what happens to a dead person's Facebook account?

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  1. Hmmm nice info,it indeed happens to me too

  2. What happen to a dead person's Facebook account?

    nothing will happen to the account, it is going to remain there forever as far as the account wasn't deactivated...

    Its just like a case of some one who forgot his Facebook password, instead of resetting it, he went further to open another one, what am i saying? In all of this the former one will still retain its spot even after years of abandonment.

    Hmm this question will make a nice post on facebook.

    If you come across it on my timeline don't be surprise o..