150% BONUS: How To Activate Airtel 1.8GB For N500 Data

Hello guys, here comes another Airtel cheap data plan that is better than the double data bonus because it offers 1.8gb for N500 which is a Whooping 150% bonus instead of 100% it's based on eligibility. So the question now is; are you eligible for this amazing offer?
Airtel 150% data bonus

Just like the double data offer, the new Airtel 150% Bonus which gives 1.8GB for just N500 Subscription is also made for some few eligible subscribers.

There are other data options such as 500MB for N200, 1.8GB for N500 and 3.75GB for N1000 with an additional 1GB on activation of the regular Android bundle of 750MB for N500 and extra 2.25GB on activation of Android bundle of 1.5GB for N1000 in this offer.

In my previous posts, I wrote about Airtel SmartTrybe that gives 2GB for N1000 you can check that post if you are interested. But for now, I am concentrating on this 150% data bonus that I think is amazing if you are eligible. Just follow below guidelines to see how you can get this awoof.


This data plan is not available for all airtel subscribers but if you are eligible for this offer, you will receive a message that looks similar or exactly like this one below.
FREE 150% Data Bonus, Just For You! Get 1.8GB for just N500 valid for 14 days. Hurry, dial *418*2# now to enjoy this amazing offer everyday for 6 months.
Airtel 1.8GB For N500 data

However, if you didn't receive this message and wish to know if you are eligible or not, simply dial *418*2# and wait for the response.

If it fails because of insufficient balance, proceed and recharge your phone with #500 and then retry.

If you are eligible, recharge your Airtel line and dial *418*2# to activate the N500 for 1.8GB Plan.

✔️ Data bonus validity is two weeks.
✔️ 150% bonus eligibility is 6 months
✔️ To check your data balance, dial *140#.

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  1. All my 3 Sims are showing insufficient balance

    1. Mine too, please wizywhats the code for the 200 for 500mb plan?

  2. Mine displaced insufficient balance and i went ahead to recharge and dial d code..... it showed 750mb for #500. Am i stil available?

  3. It is not up to 1.8g. The total is 1.3g

  4. Wizzy, what is the validity period, hope it's up to a week.

  5. Scam!!.😰 I doubt if d offer is real

  6. kindly drop ur whatsapp group invite link pls. I will like to get updates

  7. I bought new airtel SIM for this plan dial the code b4 recharging and it shows insufficient balance but after recharging then I was only given 750mb.. I don't think this plan works

  8. Misleading info... It's 750mb