Introducing VKworld VK7000 Rugged Smartphone With Qi Wireless Charger

When it comes to smartphones with big Battery features, VKworld and Gionee comes to mind although VKworld is better as they have launched series of phones with amazing battery capacities.
Vkworld vk7000 wireless charging

The latest in the cabinet is VKworld VK7000 which comes with 7000mAh battery coupled with a Qi Wireless charging technology. Of course most of the phones from this company derives their name from the battery rating.

As we all know, the wireless charger is a handy product that allows mobile electronic devices to be charged without the necessity of wires or plugs.

In recent times, the wireless technology industry has evolved greatly. Many flagship device support wireless charging to keep up with the technology trend.

According to the news, vkworld vk7000 support fast wireless charging (10W). Though vkworld vk7000 features 7000mAh battery, you’ll get a full charge in 2 hours on wired.

Thanks to the Qi wireless charging technology, no wires and no fumbling to plug the charger into your phone.

Different other devices, vk7000 is equipped with a side fingerprint scanner. vkworld vk7000 is powered by Android 8.0, it comes with 5.2 display size and 1280×720 pixels resolution.

–MTK6750T Octa Core processor
–Main Camera : 13.0MP+0.3MP
–Sub Camera: 8.0MP
–Side fingerprint scanner
–USB Type-C port

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Price will be announced soon.


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