Opera News App: How I Earn Over N3,000 Free Airtime

If you haven't downloaded Opera News App up till now, you are missing a lot. In fact, I have a good news for you. Opera news is now giving free ₦100 Airtime referral bonus for any download done through your referral link instead of ₦50 initially given to early users of the app. I have actually earned over N4000 from the app but I keep crashing out by purchasing airtime with it. Now I have N3,150 balance in my opera news app. So what are you still waiting for?
Unlimited opera news airtime
Over N3000 Earned

Opera news free airtime
Free Airtime From Opera News

You may ask how to get free airtime from opera news app? Chill, I have covered that in this short article.

Opera news application is an app introduced to help deliver first hand news around you and the world in a faster and more user friendly interface. The app already recorded over 5 million downloads courtesy of this free airtime and Referral bonuses.

The app delivers trending news on several categories including politics, technology, celebrity updates, sports, lifestyle and lots more. They launched the Opera news to entice many customers to their app.

The referral feature now gives N100 airtime bonus instead of the previous N50 to those you refer. While the person you refer now gets N50 instead of the previous N20 airtime given sometime ago.
Free Airtime bonus
Free Airtime Bonus

Now, follow these simple procedure to get yours.
✔️ First of all, download the Opera News App from HERE.
✔️ You will get free N50 airtime for downloading the app
✔️ Then, to enjoy N100 and above, you need to refer someone else with your link.

If you refer 10 people, you would get a whooping N1,000 airtime that can be used for data subscription and calls. It’s a normal airtime that can be recharged via VTU method. You can as well use the ID changer trick to boost your earnings.

Open your Opera news app, go to your earning dashboard and tap on “Buy Airtime“, the enter your Phone number and select the amount of money to withdraw, then tap on “GO” and you will be recharged immediately through VTU.

Open your Opera news app, go to your earning dashboard and tap on “Invite Friends“, then share to Facebook, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp or any other place of your choice.
Referral Link
Refer a Friend

When you share the link, your post will appear like this message below:
I just downloaded Opera News and got ₦50 of free airtime. You can get the same here https://lucky-ams.op-mobile.opera.com/share/prwe9z?source=other
We have been enjoying this for some weeks now, what are you waiting for? Why haven't you downloaded opera news?

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For you that have downloaded the app, how much have you made so far via referral bonus?


  1. pls. what's the Id changer trick?

  2. Pls how do I use ID changer to boost my earnings

  3. I have already installed the operamini but finding it difficult in referring people. Actually the app that I have used so far and it's working like magic by just using it to surf the internet is M-Cent browser. You can actually use this apps to make up to 15000 every month by just using it to browse. You can download the app here https://browser.mcent.com/r/cWLKDbksQEuaJyR39bIS6g

  4. wow this is great. Who no like free air time.