SARODA Solar Power Bank Review, The Solar Phone Charger I Bought

It's exactly two weeks I bought this Solar Power Bank which also works as a solar phone charger and light. I decided to write this review about the device now because I wanted to test it and confirm how it works.

The name of the solar device is actually Saroda Solar Power Kit. It is a multipurpose rechargeable device that serves as a power bank, a phone charger, camera charger, a touch light and room LED bulb controller.
Solar charger kits
This smart electrical device will be suitable for some developing countries where there is no steady power supply so we need to harness the free natural energy from the sun to charge our phones. Technology is fast exploding to something else and it's for our own benefit.

The device is different from other Solar phone charger because it supports dual charging technology. I mean, you can charge it via the sun ☀ or via electricity so if there is no sunshine, you still have the option to charge it with Power supply from PHCN or with your Generator.

Note: this device is not like the MTN Lumos solar power kit that you need to recharge every month just as you pay for PHCN bills, it's yellow in color. Once you buy this device, it's totally yours and no more payments.
SARODA solar phone charger
The device also have an 8000mAh battery backup hence, it's called a power bank. You can charge it during the day and use it at night to charge your phone. In this post, I will reveal my whole experience with it, the advantages and disadvantages of the device, the price and if it's advisable to have it or not.

This Solar Power Kit is made in China and it's well designed and light-duty. I always turn off the switch when I am not using the device either as a charger or touch light. This helps to save and prolong the power consumption and extend usage time.
SARODA Solar Power Bank carton
✔ SIZE: 160(l) X 30(w) X 110(h)mm
✔️ Lead acid battery: 4V, 8000mAh
✔️ Adapter charging: 5V 1000mAh
✔️ DC Solar input charging: 6V solar panel.
✔️ USB output discharging: DC 5V, 1000mAh
✔️ Output discharging: DC 6V
✔️ Operating Temperature: 0-50°c
✔️ Electricity Charging time: AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz: 8hrs
✔️ DC Solar Panel charging time under available sunlight: 8 - 10hrs
✔️ Operating Time:
👉 front light (high) 59hrs
👉 1 LED bulb: 65hrs
👉 2 LED bulbs: 35hrs
👉 Front light (high) + 2LED bulbs: 21hrs

There are several items you will find inside the pack when you buy this device, I have listed them below.
✔️ 6V, 5W solar panel
✔️ 5 in 1 USB charging cable
✔️ Two High intensity LED bulbs with long 5 meters of wire and individual switches
✔️ DC adapter for charging the phone from PHCN power (national grid) or from your power generator.
✔️ The power bank itself which is an 8000mAh multipurpose battery.
Solar phone charger
Before using thia device for the first time, ensure you go through this cautions for your own good and for those around you and also for optimal performance.

1. The charge indicator will be green when it's being charged, the working indicator will be green when the switch turns on, the battery indicator will turn green to red when low battery and please charge it in time in this case.

2. It is normal that the product might be heated when charging or discharging.

3. The charging time shall not exceed 24 hours

4. Don't use it while charging otherwise it may damage the components inside

5. For safety sake, please take away from children, physical disable of mentally disordered people

6. Keep it away from fire or overheat, otherwise it may cause explosion

7. Keep it away from water or moisture since it is not water-proof

8. Do not demolish or assemble it by yourself unless you are a qualified technician.

9. Avoid direct eye exposure to LED lighting when in use (children should use this product under guidance of adults).

10. Charge it once every 2 - 3 months

11. Please use it properly according to instructions. The makers say they are not responsible for any improper usage or man-made damage.

It is a great device especially if you are using a phone with battery capacity not bigger than 4000mAh. But those using phones with monster battery capacity should not expect this solar power bank to fully charge your phone to 100% with the stored energy.

For instance, it only charges my Gionee M6 which uses 5000mAh Battery from 0-67% but when i used it with other phones with lower battery, it gave it full charge.

Also for your phone to charge faster, don't operate the phone while it's charging otherwise it may take longer time to charge.

However, if you are using the lighting features of this device, wow! It will last you up to 4 days of uninterrupted lightning.

In summary, it's a decent device that will be useful to someone that don't usually have steady power supply but the same time want his or her mobile phone to be online 24/7.

Please pardon me for the low image quality. My camera is faulty so I used one poor camera like that for taking the pictures.

The Saroda Solar Power Bank and kits is available In China, India, Nigeria for now. These are the regions I'm sure of. It could be available somewhere else though. The official price for the original Saroda Solar Power Kit is just N10,000 and if you are interested, you can contact me on whatsapp via this number It is also available in some top online stores like Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Yudala, etc at cheaper price. Is it the best solar phone charger?

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