Swisscoin Update: Latest Information On Swisscoin Cryptocurrency

Here is the latest newsletter from Swisscoin and I'm sure it's coming at the right time as the Crypto business is still shaky and Swisscoin is one of those with uncertainty whether it will be sustainable or withstand the storm currently blowing in the business. But this newsletter comes with some positive words. See below.

Dear Swisscoin community,
For many months now, we’ve been working to develop the Swisscoin project with Swiss Fintech Development AG.

Having completed the crucial groundwork, we were able to make progress and finalise significant developments over the last few weeks. We are pleased to report on these topics to you below.
Swisscoin Update


Many members of our community have already noticed that the last weeks have been marked by numerous travel and conference activities.

During this time, we’ve managed to clinch our first well-known collaborators and convince numerous international companies of Swisscoin’s virtues. We are now in a position to develop joint products and the agreed projects are already being implemented.

Our goal is to offer all holders of Swisscoin SIC and SWC the access to traditional financial technologies and products in the most direct and uncomplicated way possible, as well as to offer digital payment processing. This will ensure a high level of acceptance for SIC and SWC.

In just a few weeks, you will be able to access cutting edge financial products with your Swisscoin, in turn enabling you to trade CFDs for classic currency and crypto pairs, as well as to benefit from stock market fluctuations. Your profits can be paid out directly in FIAT currencies.

Dennis Uitz, Business Angel and CMO of BDSwiss Holdings Plc, had this to say on the subject: "The cooperation with Swiss Fintech Development AG and the integration of Swisscoin for our products combines the best of both financial worlds. We offer Swisscoin holders the exclusive opportunity to hedge their crypto investment with classic Forex and CFD trading and earn a great return at the same time. These can be paid out directly to the Swisscoin holder in FIAT currency without being dependent on a crypto exchange."

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The entire video statement regarding the cooperation will be released at the beginning of the next week.

Forex is only the first product to result from this fantastic cooperation. Swiss Fintech Development AG’s management team is currently conducting negotiations with BDSwiss, and their joint future has some important positive surprises in store.

Another cooperation will enable you to access high-frequency trading on all classic currencies with your Swisscoins, making it possible for you to build short and long positions. You will also earn money if the digital world continues to replace traditional currency trading.

Conservative investors will have the opportunity to invest their Swisscoins in managed accounts. Experienced traders invest their Swisscoins in these and thereby achieve classic FIAT currency gains that can be paid out immediately.

Further details about the projects and other collaborations will be announced in the next few days in a separate and more detailed report.


The fintech and crypto industry is changing every day. Its overall conditions and possibilities are in a constant state of flux.
Every sub-sector of the industry has high requirements. It is therefore crucial for all areas to enlist experts who can offer advice and contribute their advanced knowledge and expertise.

For this reason, we proud to announce the first three members of our Advisory Board to you today.

In order to meet the constantly changing legal requirements and conditions, we welcome lawyer Raban Funk and his team to our Advisory Board:

Raban Funk is an influential lawyer who focuses on business and criminal tax law. As a member of the board of Deutsche Strafverteidiger e.V. (a German criminal defence counsel association), he is involved in important legislative projects and has excellent connections. We are proud to have his legal expertise on our side. Raban Funk’s many years of experience in coordinating and structuring lengthy and complex court cases make him an ideal companion for the dynamic environment of the fintech and crypto industry.

With his many years of experience in banking, investment companies, and the financial industry, Mr. Tibor Müller will advise us with his excellent knowledge, innovative ideas, and top-tier network in the field of finance and banking.

Tibor I. Müller is a seasoned banker and financial expert with over 25 years of international experience in fiscal, strategic, and operational leadership. Numerous start-ups and companies place their trust in his enormous expertise and integrity. His financial knowledge is an important resource for our operation.

The Advisory Board is also lucky to have Mr. Daniel Schmutz, who has many years of experience in the field of international business development and can cover highly complex international requirements with his exclusive, first-class international contacts.

Daniel Schmutz is a self-made man whose keen nose for trends in the fintech industry has helped him make a name for himself. An expert in capital market and finance, he is at home in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Switzerland. Moving forward, he will support Swiss Fintech Development with his extensive network, in addition to other activities.

More detailed information on our Advisory Board will be available in separate press releases over the next few days.


We are receiving an increasing amount of inquiries regarding the "Swisscoin Classic" product.

We would like to point out once again that "Swisscoin Classic" is not Swiss Fintech Development AG’s product and we are also unrelated to this project. It was developed by Veto-Concept AG, with whom we neither have nor are seeking a cooperation.

Therefore, the numerous innovations and products will only be available with your Swisscoin SIC and SWC. You will only benefit from the value development of the Swisscoin project with SIC and SWC.

Unfortunately, many promises and commitments made by Veto-Concept AG to the community have yet to come to fruition. We also want to assist you, our community, in these cases. If you have been affected by unfulfilled promises and commitments or open claims, please contact

We will review and process each case and forward these to a specialised company, who will then contact you regarding the next steps to be taken.

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Please do not contact this address regarding your open coin bookings. This case is already being addressed and a solution will be available shortly.

We are pleased to be able to shape the future together with our community.


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