Thuraya Is Back! Launches World First Satellite Smartphone

If you haven't seen or heard about the mobile phone name "Thuraya", then it means you are still a kid. In fact, Indomie Child. I could remember some musicians in Nigeria using the name in music lyrics back then.
Thuraya x5 touch
Thuraya X5-Touch

The company returned back to the mobile phone industry in a spectacular manner by introducing a phone called "Thuraya X5-Touch" which is World's first Satellite smartphone. It is a phone that comes handy at remote areas were there is no cellular network. This means when in such situations, the phone switches and makes use of satellite network to make calls, send messages etc.

A satellite phone is any phone that can connect to telecommunication satellites so as to receive a network for call and data transfer. Before, all satellite phones are “unsmart” (I mean they are feature phones, which could only be used for calling and sending SMS). But now – all thank to Thuraya Telecommunication – the world now has a satellite Android phone.

Thuraya X5-Touch was launched at a Dubai conference a couple of days ago, and as you would have expected, the phone isn’t the kind of phone for everybody; it’s for the people always travelling to remote areas out of network coverage.

Even though the phone can connect to satellites to make calls, send SMS, and browse everywhere in the world, Thuraya still went ahead and made the X5-Touch to support a normal SIM.

So owners can switch between a satellite connection and a standard GSM connection. At the moment, the only features of Thuraya X5-Touch that have been announced include its 5.2-inch 1080p display screen covered with Gorilla class and IP67 certification for dust and water resistance, front and back camera, high capacity battery, dedicated SOS button, advanced navigation hardware – the fact that it is dual-SIMed.

Thuraya X5-Touch is expected to support connection such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, and the target audience for government missions, energy projects, NGO deployments, and enterprise communications.

The price of this phone will be updated later when I'm sure of it.

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