TStv Update: Customers Will Enjoy 55 Free-To-Air Channels

For the past one month now, TStv has been making headlines after the digital TV network provider made its Sassy Decoder commercially available to stores all over Nigeria. However, the distribution of these decoders and other accessories is not going as initially planned as there is limitations and scarcity of dish nationwide.
Sassy & Dexterity Decoders, Dish

The company had earlier apologized to customers especially those who bought the decoder without dish because of shortage of accessories. But now they are making more promises to amend their shortcomings.

Below is the announcement made by TStv and if you read, you will notice that about 55 TStv channels will be free to air from now till may. Read for yourself.
Due to this logistics delay, the management of TSTV have decided that the 55 TV channels currently running on TSTV will remain free and unencrypted till May 15th 2018. 10 more channels will be added next week to make it 65. Please note that TSTV decoders and accessories sells for 3,500 and installation cost remains 2,500 nationwide.

Another update making waves is that the dexterity decoder which comes with 20GB data will be available soon in the market.

Well, some fans are still complaining of scarcity of decoders and dealers in some states according to this two comments from fans on social media today.
No sign of your decoders yet in Bauchi state. Though am still enjoying the free channels. For your satellite dish installation in Bauchi metropolis contact me on 0807xxxx508
The super dealers in kaduna are not
selling,they said that they are waiting
for the activation code and again the
accessories such as dish and the rest are
not yet available.Pls, do something tstv.
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Let us know if you have gotten the decoder. Do you have a neighbor or friend that's currently using it?


  1. I have the Sassy Decoder but I have not gotten the dish and other accessories. I can't even access their frequency with my other dish. Pls any help will be appreciated

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