BREAKING NEWS: MTN Introduces 17-Digit Recharge Card PIN in Nigeria

To everyone's surprise, MTN Nigeria took to their social media handles to announce the introduction of 17-Digit recharge card PIN in Nigeria; a numerical upgrade to the regular 16-digit recharge PIN we are used to.
MTN 17-Digit Recharge Card PIN

MTN is Nigerias largest network with over 50 million subscribers. It started with 0803 prefix before adding more than 6 more number prefixes to accommodate new subscribers.

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Also, remember in 2016 to be precise, the Telecom operator recharge card digit number was just 12-digit, which was then increased to 16-digit and now, 17-digit. We just hope we will not be counting 20-digit by 2020.


Of course, the old 16-digit vouchers is still usable and valid at least for now. MTN customers will continue using the old PIN until this new PIN completely takes over.

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I'm sure it will now be a herculean task for people to decipher the right recharge card PIN code for those that has the habit of trying to deceive MTN.

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