Download YoWhatsapp v7.50 Apk For Android

Yowhatsapp is yet another WhatsApp Mod just like GBWhatsapp but it's not as popular as the later. In this post, we will get the free link to download YoWhatsapp v7.50 Apk which is the latest version in 2018 as of the time of writing this article. YoWhatsapp 7.50 comes with loads of new features as well as improvements and few bug fixes.
Download YoWhatsapp v7.50

YoWhatsapp v7.50 features reorganized home screen colors. Now the most interesting part is the newest Group Super Power has been added which now allows only group admins to modify group description, icon and title.

It also fixes Android KitKat call crashes. Additionally, you can now share 100 images from your gallery without the YoWhatsapp v7.50 APK crashing.

It's ideal to understand that this recent update was revealed based on recent Whatsapp Playstore update that comes with some important features and settings.

See below new features, bug fixes and improvements in YoWhatsapp v7.5


1. [Base Update] 2.18.122 – Play Store
2. [Enabled] One touch voice note recording! (Press and swipe up)
3. [Added] Contacts screen automatically takes theme colors
4. [Added] Change CHAT tab unread counter background (2.1.4)
5. [Added] Change CHAT tab unread counter text color (2.1.5)
6. [Added] Lock Wallpaper Preview after choosing
7. [Added] OnePlus (Slate) font (1.2.0)
8. [Added] Old Stock (2016) Entry style(3.2.3)

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9. [Added] YoWA Entry extra attachements button (documents, etc…)
10. [Added] Attach button in WANH entry
11. [Improved] Re-organised Home Screen colors in Option 2.1
12. [Enabled] Group Description – Working.
13. [Enabled] Group Settings – Activated.
14. [Re-Enabled] Last seen on home screen by default
15. [Fixed] White themes caller name not showing
16. [Fixed] Android KitKat calls crash
17. [Fixed] Share 100 images from gallery to whatsapp
18. [Fixed] error when setting lock wallpaper for some devices
19. [Fixed] Disable Android Oreo 8.0+ heads-up (If does not work, go to Apps > YoWhatsApp > Change “Importance” to “default”
20. Other bugs fixes and Improvements


✔️ Click Download YoWhatsapp v7.50 here .

Though I still prefer GBWhatsapp to YoWhatsapp. Which of them is your favorite whatsapp mod app?


  1. I think Yo WhatsApp is much better as compared to as GB WhatsApp. Let’s see what the application managers had instore for us. World of intertainment.

  2. The latest update is awesome. Keep adding more mod features please.