How To See Deleted WhatsApp Chat With WhatsRemoved App

Last year, WhatsApp introduced revoke / delete feature which allows users to delete a mistakenly sent message or messages with errors. This feature was welcomed by many people globally but as time goes on some people started using it the wrong way.
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For instance, a cheating boyfriend may be chatting with his side chick and after the chat, he deletes some of the romantic part of his chats with the side chick instead of deleting the whole messages to make it look real and as if he didn't chat naughty with the babe.

Now, if you are the girlfriend to this cheating guy, it may interest you to see all the deleted whatsapp chats your boyfriend had with his side chick. So this post is for you.

Normally, once a message or chat is deleted by the sender on whatsapp, you won't see the contents anymore rather what you will see is "this message was deleted", unless you already quoted that message before it was deleted, you can't see or read it again but thanks to a third-party app called WhatsRemoved which helps you read deleted messages on whatsapp and it's free.

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FIRST STEP: Download Whatsremoved app from the Playstore

SECOND STEP: You need to grant the app permissions on your Android smartphone after downloading. Don't worry, it will prompt you to do so.

THIRD STEP: Now, to view, read or see deleted Whatsapp messages that was sent to you, you will need to delete the deleted message notice from your WhatsApp messenger and close the WhatsApp messenger.
Read see deleted whatsapp chats

FOURTH STEP: Finally, open the WHATSREMOVED app and navigate to Chats. There you will find the deleted message(s).

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With this whatsapp trick, you don't need to be kept in the dark anymore whenever someone deletes his or her chats on whatsapp. Why not give it a try and see how it works.


  1. Nice tutorial.
    But why not use GBWhatsapp (a modded version of WhatsApp) instead?

    1. Hello Jonathan, the tutorial is for those using the official Whatsapp application. Thanks