PHONE TRICK: What Does This Code Do? *#*#4636#*#*

I have been using this code for a long time now especially whenever I want to check certain information about a particular phone without downloading any app. So today, I considered it wise to share with you because I'm sure some of you are not familiar with it.
*#*#4636#*#* phone trick

This secrete mobile phone code *#*#4636#*#* will help you see some useful information about your phone including monitoring your most used apps and network information. It's one of the top secret Android phone trick codes.

It's true there are apps that does this same function but what about achieving it without downloading an app but with a simple code? That's why I'm revealing it to you.

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✔️ Check your phone IMEI number
✔️ Your current network operator
✔️ Network Type (2g,3g,4g)
✔️ Run Ping test
✔️ Radio information
Code to check phone information

✔️ Battery Information
✔️ Battery capacity
✔️ Charging Status
✔️ Battery temperature
✔️ Battery health
✔️ Battery Voltage
✔️ Battery level
Code to check phone battery info

✔️ App usage statistics
✔️ WLAN Stats
App usage information

You can see that this code is very useful but many people don't know it existed.

This USSD code will be handy when purchasing a new phone, you can simply dial *#*#4636#*#* to check the information of the phone you want to buy even before the seller says "Jack".

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  1. Pls help, my phone storage only display 1.4GB on pc and xender but the storage space is labelled as 16GB. What can i do to correct this??? Infinix x510

    1. What you are seeing is the available storage not the total storage.

  2. I thought as much also, but total storage on pc and xender is just 1.4GB.... But when i check from storage settings its always 7GB free