This Website —— Cost the Federal Government N64m to ‘Upgrade.’

Like most Nigerian websites owned by the Federal/State Government, this website is pricey.

It’s a lot pricey!

According to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha,— which was established to create a functional platform that will deliver information and policy thrust of the present administration— went through an upgrade, an upgrade that costs about N64m. Apparently, it was necessary to upgrade because the old website was developed with old technology and had limited security features which made the website prone to hackers—their words, not mine.

What was upgraded? If you ask.

Newer technology platforms—these include Laravel and October CMS. The Capacity development of Web Development Team (Webmasters), Web Content Providers for the Acquisition and installation of computer hardware. There is also the fact that the upgraded website will enable members of the public request for information from the Government, submit an idea to Government, lodge complaints to the government; respond to Government; report issues to Government; and give compliments to Government among others, something they are calling E-participation.
Cost of developing fg website

In his words:

“A major achievement in this project is the revamped e-Participation platform for citizen participation and engagement in governance which has been integrated with the website. This is to drive the Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative. It would involve other MDAs as the responding Agencies while the OSGF will be the Coordinating Unit.

….Some of the very rich resources available on the website include Circulars, FEC Approved Policies since 2015 to March 2018, International Organizations to which Nigeria belongs, Agreements, MOUs and Treaties between Nigeria and other countries, Political Office Holders, Status of FEC, approved Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF) projects, among others.”

To be fair, the Secretary did mention that the money covers the cost of upgrading the website, the procurement of laptops, training of officials and consultancy services.

Now, if you think this is only peculiar to Nigeria:
Obama website cost

According to this Bloomberg article, Barack Obama’s Obamacare website costs exceeded $2 Billion!


  1. O ti tan ninu mi beyen - It has finished in my mind like that, I forgive Buhari.

  2. What a philanthropous prouding of our upcoming nation!

    When there are unbeknownst quantities of skillfully unemployable youths graduating through backward syllabus and unrepentant educational institutions, we are extraveganzing our wealth with no future in mind.

  3. who is the developer of these website and where is he/she from? Not a Nigerian person i know thanks.

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