Best Android Locker Apps for Your Device Security in 2018

While your smartphone device stores lot of important and sensitive data, it becomes important to follow some security measures to keep it safe from prying eyes and cybercriminals. To do this, locker apps for Android plays an important role to keep your data safe on Android device. Let’s discuss some of these effective apps here.

Locker for Whats Chat App: Try this best locker app for Android to keep all your data safe at WhatsApp app. It offers dual security features where it helps you lock WhatsApp app with password further you can create second password to lock chats within it. This smart tool is intuitively designed to provide the enhanced user experience. In addition to that, it also offers password recovery option to get your password details back when needed. You can use this nifty tool to get instant and effective results. Download Here.
locker for whats chat app

CM Locker: CM Locker offers enhanced security features to keep your Android device safe. It helps you lock your screen from intruders with patter, PIN or password. In addition to that it also supports fingerprint lock option. Its intruder selfie feature snaps photos of intruders when they try to unlock your device with wrong passcode. Its anti-theft feature helps you locate your lost device and set siren for privacy security. You can try this locker app for Android to personalize settings on your device to change look and feel. Further, it offers notification reminder & instant reply to instant messages and weather forecasts. Download Here.
CM app locker

AppLock: Use this one of the best phone lock apps for Android to keep your data secured on your Android device. It helps you lock apps with pattern, password or fingerprint lock. It offers secure vault to keep your pictures, videos and other data safe. It offers incognito browser where it doesn’t record any history and private SNS to log in to multiple accounts. Further, it offers customizable background and profiles to improve your device look & feel. In other features, it offers intruder selfie, time lock, location lock, hide AppLock icon, advanced protection, random keyboards, force stopped cover, quick look switch, lock system settings and more. Download Here.
app lock

Vault: Vault is perfect app locker for Android that offers extensive security features to keep your data safe. It helps you protect your photos, videos, SMS, contacts, call logs and other important data seamlessly. It further offers security to your social apps, telephone apps and other apps for better security. It offers private browsing option where no traces will be left after your browsing. It also offers private bookmark feature to keep your browsing safe. Its cloud backup feature helps you keep your data safe on cloud servers. Here you can access this data anytime anywhere. As it offers cloud backup feature, you can transfer all your data on new device effortlessly. In other features, it offers multiple vault & fake vault, stealth mode, break-in-alerts and password recovery options. Download Here.

LOCKit: LOCKit works on advanced techniques where it offers number of security features to keep your data safe on Android device. It offers photo safe vault and video safe vault to keep your private photos & videos safe from prying eyes. Its intelligent privacy protection feature can help you scan your device privacy status and protects all your secrets in real-time. It offers a fake cover feature to disguise any of your apps from the lock screen. Further, its notification cleaner and notification lock features are useful enough to manage notifications on your device. In other features, it offers free themes, lock apps, lock system, lock Google Play Store lock incoming calls, notification bar, hide pattern draw path, multiple language support and more. Download Here

Conclusion: Locker apps for Android offer reliable solution to keep your data safe on Android device. These powerful apps offer a bunch of useful features not only to secure your data but also improve your device performance significantly. Here, we have discussed some of these effective apps. If you know more such apps feel free to comment below.

Article Summary : Locker apps for Android offers an instant and reliable solution to keep your data safe on your smartphone device. It helps you protect all types of data in secured encrypted vault for better security. Let’s discuss some of these effective apps here.

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