How I Earned Over 212500 Points (N4,250) On Opera News

If you haven't heard about Opera News App this year 2018, you are probably living in a cave because it's all over the internet. Opera stormed the web with its financial powers to subdue other news feed apps by offering free money to users via referrals and app downloads.

In this post, I will show us how I earned over 212,500 points which translates to over N4,250 in real money via Opera news app by just referring others to download the app in just 3 weeks.
Opera news points and Airtime

Recall, last month I published a post on how I earned N3,000 from Opera News App which I proceeded to withdraw as airtime.

Because of fraudulent activities going on in the platform from people who are dubiously getting referral bonuses from illegal methods, Opera decided to "temporarily suspend" withdrawal or cash outs on the platform. But promised to return back once everything is fixed.

I was particularly affected because I had about N2800 then in my opera news account so I couldn't withdraw. Opera stated that before you can pass the test, you need to create an account and stay clear of dubious manipulations to earn rewards. They also stated that a new update will be rolled out so after that, confirmed users can go on to cash out their rewards.

So today, I decided to update my opera news app and voom! My bonuses were available for me to redeem.

✔️ I launched the app
✔️ Opera notified my of the introduction of "points" and asked me to proceed to convert my points to real money, I obliged.
✔️ A login page appeared, I logged in.
✔️ Then my total money was shown to me and a "redeem button" displayed as well.
After taping on redeem, I was transferred to a page where i can withdraw as airtime
✔️ I entered the phone number I want to TopUp with my free opera news airtime and selected the amount. Vam! It worked and my phone beeped in enthusiasm.
redeem opera news airtime

So what are you waiting for? It's another easy way to make some cool money online which you can use to buy airtime or subscribe for data from any network.

✔️ It's simple, just download the latest updated opera news app by Clicking HERE
✔️ You will earn N50 for just downloading the app alone
✔️ Now to earn even more money, open the app, navigate to "earnings dashboard" and tap on "invite friends" and share it with your friends on Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland, etc. The mkre people download with the link you shared on social media or elsewhere, the more money you make. Interesting right?

For those that are already using the app, remember to download the updated app to be able to redeem your money.

So how much have you made so far on Opera News?


  1. So the normal method? Damn, must have been a slow month for you man...

  2. My question is, can one use ID changer to enhance things in dis new update? U know what I mean na

    1. No bro. ID changer trick doesn't work with opera news app based on my experience. I even tried Parallel Space and Go Multiple apps but both apps didn't work either.

  3. Wizytech is referring friends the only way to earn points?

    1. You also get one time bonus when you download the app for the first time in a device

  4. Do you need a bank acct..I am new t o this

  5. I withdrew since yesterday up till now no alert this has happened to me twice