10 Advantages of VPN in Nigeria Apart From Yahoo Biz

An average Nigerian thinks that VPN is used only by fraudsters otherwise called Yahoo boys or G-boys but that's not true. VPN is useful in many areas so here you will see the 8 advantages of VPN in Nigeria but before then, what is VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network (VPN) and it enables users to send and receive data while remaining anonymous and secure online. VPN can come as an app, a software or a web page, whichever way, it's beneficial in many circumstances.
Advantages of vpn in Nigeria


1. Advanced Security:
The use of VPN can encrypt your private data and secure your information when connected to a public wifi network. This prevents h^ackers and fraudsters from penetrating into your privacy and h^acking your account.

2. Appearing Anonymous:
Whether your country banned certain websites or your organization placed a restriction on certain web pages, you shouldn't be worried because VPN unlocks those restrictions and opens the door for you at the same time hiding your real identity and location so that no agency can track you. You only need a powerful vpn to achieve this.

3. Change Your IP Address:
Everyone on the internet has an ip address which can be used to track your location. For security reasons you can use VPN to change your ip address to make it look like you’re in New York even though you are in Ikotun. Freelancers can equally use it on sites like fiverr to get more clients from the US because they’re more inclined to trust Americans than Nigerians.

4. Unblock Websites And Bypass Restrictions:
Some websites impose restrictions on the users of their site. They block users from certain countries from either downloading movies or contents from their website. VPN is the best way to unblock that site and access whatever you want without any censorship or any other form of filters.

5. Share Files:
Are you aware that you can share large files over the internet with a vpn app? Now you know.

6. Free Browsing
90% of free browsing cheats in Nigeria requires VPN to work as it's the case in Glo free browsing which is currently trending in Nigeria.

7. Remote Control
You can easily access files from one computer to the other or from a mobile phone to a PC with the help of a VPN. After working hours and you want to get access to the files in your office computer, you can use secure VPN service to remotely connect with your computer in the office and get access to your files.

8. Performance
A good VPN solution can be used to increase bandwidth and speed of a network connection. If you opt for a service provider, the network setup and surveillance is no more a concern.

9. Creating PayPal Account:
Nigeria is one of the countries restricted from receiving payments via PayPal but with the help of a VPN, you can create a functional PayPal account that sends and receives payments in Nigeria. Only ensure you operate the account only when the VPN is actively connected to the country which the account is based on (e.g. USA or UK)

10. Google Account:
Some Nigerians wish to own a google account from a different country for many purposes such as foreign adsense creation, foreign YouTube channel etc. So VPN helps you achieve this.

Examples of good VPNs include; hide my *ss, NORD VPN, IP Vanish, Turbo, etc.

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You can mention your own best VPN apps via the comments section.

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