Download Telegram v4.8.11 Apk With Revoke Message, 2X Playback Features

A brand new version of Telegram app is now available for Android and iOS users. You can directly download Telegram v4.8.11 apk or update yours via Google Play Store or the Apple Store at iTunes.

Telegram v4.8.11 comes with interesting features such as ability to revoke messages and ability to playback media (videos & voice messages) twice faster than the normal playing speed, however some of them are just limited to Telegram Android platform.

Note that Telegram is a fierce rival to WhatsApp and many people (including me) claims that Telegram is better than whatsapp because of its mesmerizing features although some people are still not aware of its existence because whatsapp had already captured their hearts.

There are about 7 new features rolled out together with this update;
Download Telegram v4.8.11

1. You can now mark chats as read or unread by long-pressing on a contact. More options you will get are "Pin to Top", "Clear Chat History", etc.

2. Telegram 4.8.11 lets you listen to voice and video messages two times faster. When a media is sent to you, you can hurriedly playback the video if you are in a haste. It saves your time.

3. For security purposes, Telegram 4.8.11 now allows you the flexibility of sending or sharing contacts without some vital information like email, location, alternate numbers, etc.

4. You can now replace a media file while editing when you send it to the wrong contact.

5. Like i said earlier, you can now revoke or cancel sending message before they are sent.

6. You can also create links in the formatting menu to make text urls. UX has been improved when browsing global search result.

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