2 Best Nigeria Cards that PayPal Accept with Ease

Do you ever wish to pay for something in Nigeria using your PayPal account but it seems you can’t figure out the card that can be accepted? This is what this article is about.
Nigeria PayPal

In this blog post today I will be revealing cards that I have had success with why trying to pay for something with my Paypal Card.

If you are you are a starter and you are can’t seem to understand how this things works I will like to refresh your mind.

Paypal is an international payment platform that you can use to buy and sell from anywhere in the world. Usually, before your Paypal account can be verified, must have to link it with a bank or your international master card like Payoneer.

This is done at the very end of registration after you have logged in to your account. Remember there are two types of Paypal account.
    Business account and
    A personal account.
The two serves different purposes.

A business account type:
This is strictly for business owners. On this type of account, you can be able to send in payment to your client and as well as receive payment. Basically, it does every type of transaction online so far as it is verified.

Note that you can’t receive payments to paypal as a Nigerian, but you may check this PayPalNigeria Guide to get one that sends and receive payments.

A personal Account:
This is strictly for shopping purposes and what we are talking about on this post. You can shop with your Computer or mobile from any part of the world.

However, before you can be able to shop with any of the accounts, it is either you have a card that has money linked to it or there are already some funds on the Paypal. Once a card is linked to a Paypal account and you were able to verify that you own the account, that Paypal account becomes verified.

While you can link to a card you can also link directly to your bank here in Nigerian.
But this is where the problem comes; which bank card can you be able to link to here in Nigerian and have a flexible and hassle-free experience while shopping online?

What Nigeria Cards are best for PayPal?

From my experience and research to know the bank that can help in this task, I was able to confirm two bank cards over and over again.

    FCMB and
    Access Bank Cards

With either of these two cards linked to your Paypal account; either that of personal or that of business, you can be able to shop anywhere with your Paypal account.
So how do you link to this bank card?

Here is a brief step of how to link your card.

I believe by now you already have a Paypal account you are using. If you don’t have, go ahead and create an account before starting these steps. Hence if you already have an account you can follow this step to link your card.
    Log in to your account; (most times if you haven’t done this, it will always be listed as a to-do list on the right side of your PayPal dashboard where you have your profile.
    Click on your profile and click on “Link a Card”
    Fill the necessary information about your FCMB or Access Bank card details required on the page.

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Follow PayPal instructions and you are good to go.
Shop online with ease.

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