3-in-1 iPhone Case: Indiegogo World's First Walkie-Talkie Case For iPhone

3-in-1 Feature: Full Protective Case, Walkie-Talkie, 3500mAh Power Bank. For All iPhone Size.
3-in-1 iPhone Case Indiegogo

3-in-1 iPhone Case
It's not your regular iPhone protective case but also a walkie-talkie handset to talk to your friends or colleagues when on a hike, travel or field work. Further, the case comes with built-in 3500mAh battery on board that can charge the iPhone when its nearly out of power.
iphone case with power bank

Perfectly Combine Walkie-Talkie with iPhone
Combine walkie-talkie function to this iPhone case, supports 400~470MHz hardware intercom, always stay connected with your team members. This reminds me of [Bobtel A8 Walkie-Talkie phone .
Iphone case battery

3500mAh Power Bank
With USB 3.0 port, this 3500mAh battery can charge your iPhone when its nearly out of power.
Indiegogo 3-in-1 iPhone Case

For all iPhone sizes: 4.7"/5.5"/5.8"

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