5 Benefits Of SARS Police Overhauling To Nigerian Internet Hustlers

I stumbled on this thread on Nairaland and think it should be shared among Nigerians. Credit of the post goes to the forum.
Nigeria Sars police

Ordinarily, the primary function of Nigeria Police Force is to serve the community, protect the innocent and ensure that there is liberty, justice and equality for all. Regrettably, these functions have become counterproductive since the emergence of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

It is still a puzzle how SARS became a nightmare to innocent Nigerians they were supposed to be protecting. As a matter of fact, if you live in states like Lagos, Delta, Edo and Portharcourt you will understand what I am saying.

Once you are riding a good car, wearing a nice wristwatch and using an iPhone, you are automatically labelled a Fraudster(Yahoo boy). It is actually disheartening how these officers of the law robbed innocent people of their hard earned money with accusations of money laundering.

Every freelancer, mini importer, bitcoin trader and other internet hustlers are constantly harassed and robbed for being successful. The most annoying aspect of SARS operation is the fact that they believe everybody doing online business is a fraudster.

There are several Nigerians who work for remote companies overseas. In other words, they work from their home while their employers are overseas. Nigerians are real-time hustlers and they are always the best in any freelancing platform you visit.

Does it mean that there are no police in the US, China and the UK where we have most of the top tech billionaires around the world? If police disturbed these tech billionaires during their early days of hustling, they would have been no Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos etc.

The best thing that has ever happened to Nigerian youths in this administration especially the internet entrepreneurs is “The Overhauling of SARS”. The acting President has done well.

Without much ado, lets quickly take a look of the impact the overhauling of SARS will have on Nigeria Digital Economy.

How Overhauling of SARS Will Benefit Nigerians

Despite what some people are saying about the decision to overhaul SARs, it will still benefit Nigerians in many ways. Some of these benefits are;


One of the ways Overhauling of SARS will benefit Nigerians is that it will create more employment opportunities. Ordinarily, there are several Nigerians out there that are doing legit hustling online. But most times, they are disturbed by SARS and some of them even lost interest in the whole internet thing.

However, with the recent order to overhaul the police outfit, Nigerians that have lost interest in freelancing and other internet hustlings will definitely rekindle their hustling spirit. This means that they will be employed once again.


Mini importers can now do their importation and delivery without stress or challenge. They will make more profit without incurring unnecessary cost trying to pay SARS officials.


This is the aspect that makes sense the most. You can now freely cruise your car around the city without being embarrassed by SARs.


Guys will no longer be scared of going outside their houses. As a matter of fact, you can now move freely without your phones without anybody trying to open it and search what is inside.


Yeah, the fashion lovers will also benefit from this overhauling. You can now dress the way you like decently without you being harassed by the so-called SARS officials.

Source: nairaland

What do you think about this latest development in Nigeria? Have you been attached before by SARS? What's your experience?

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  1. Yes , i fully accept/agree with this article although I'm not living the affected areas, I do hear stories from my friends ... Kudos to the VP