New MTN Pulse Night Plan Now N25 for 125MB, N50 for 250MB

It's a bad news to subscribers as MTN reduces data volume allocated to its Pulse Night plan starting from 16th August, 2018. In this new MTN night plan, you now pay N25 for 125MB and N50 for 500MB usable at night between the hours of 12am to 4am.
New MTN Pulse Night Plan
A noticeable reader of this blog and one of the great members of our Telegram and WhatsApp group called my attention to this latest update after he received message from MTN concerning this. I had to make more research and noticed that many other MTN customers on the pulse Tariff got similar message so I decided to let you guys know what's on board now.

Previously, MTN night plan goes like this: N25 for 500MB but is now its N25 naria for just 125MB. While the 50 Naira plan previously gives 1GB but now it's just 250MB.
Here is a sample of the viral message of new MTN pulse night plan.

Y'ello! when you buy the Pulse Night plan at N25 from 16/08/18 you now get 125MB. You also get 250MB for N50 and can make multiple purchases. Dial *406# to buy
However, MTN says you can now renew your night plan data in the same night after exhausting it.

This simply shows that MTN is making things harder for millions of subscribers on its network.

Anyway, if you are still interested in MTN Night plan, you can subscribe by dialing *406# and follow the on-screen instructions.

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  1. MTN don Cast be that

  2. MTN don Cast be that

  3. Oboy nothing come out MTN don cast back to AIRTEL..

  4. Its true, I purchased yesterday and with hope that I have 500mb, I tried to download a movie of 268mb, but to my greatest surprise, all my monthly data that remains 80mb was wiped put and the movie download was still at 216mb. I was so angry that I throw my Mtn sim away and immediately put my Airtel. Mtn network is a disgrace! No more good for the poor like us.

  5. Airtel is the best alternative for this MTN rubbish they are given 500mb for #25 as usual

  6. Mtn don cast. They even lied that the night plan ends at 5am, but it still ends at the same annoying 3:30am. Thereby, wasting the money I used to renew the night plan after 3:30am. It still wasted about 1gb of my previous data by corrupting the zipped game folder I've been downloading for almost 2 days through night plans. It seems Mtn loves to scam us, well bye bye to Mtn and their annoying data plans.

  7. It's not on all sims oo... i av two mtn sims tho i got d msg on one bt nt d both... if u avn't seen msg den u're kinda lucky... it's still #25 for 500mb

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