Ntel Subscribers Crying: Is The Network Now Dead?

Like play like play, it's getting to a month now Ntel website, it's Facebook page and Twitter handle became "lifeless". Is Ntel network finally dead? Or is there new WAWU NGN 1000 for 12GB data promo haunting them back? What is really happening?

Subscribers are lamenting bitterly as they can't even subscribe to new plans or access the website as it's still displaying "site under construction".

Ntel twitter handle is so dormant from the part of the network but very active from the part of subscribers who are very buttered and dropping lots of depressive complaints and the question is, have they gone into oblivion like Zoto?

Below are some of the tweets we have seen on their Twitter handle by angry customers.
Ntel customer tweets

Ntel customers cries out

Those of you using Ntel, what's your experience so far?


  1. It's Really weird situation. Nothing working. Not even support desk working. Had to continue using our long time friend Jo.

  2. Its only a network upgrade. They should be back in no time. Meanwhile have got a close friend who activates plans anytime u recharge with quickteller. The quickteller web is faster for your recharge. Just top up, den boom u have your 1k in ur account. Download the ntel app and check your balance there at night or early morning. Works perfectly. After your money reflects, send a message to their twitter handle and ur balance will be automatically converted to data. I would have loved to give you all my contact for easy renewal but i don't want to disclose that here online. I am only protecting my identity.

  3. If you know anyone who works at ntel. Speak with them. They will help you activate your plan. If everyone had access to activate their plans as we speak, there would be slow upgrade in what has already commenced. Its only a way of fastening the speed of the updates. I recharged 8lines using the quickteller.com/ntel yesterday. Called my guy up in the evening. And boom all the lines were activated this morning.

  4. Can someone buy an Ntel sim online