How To Get The Best Black Friday Deals

Another Black Friday is here! It's that time of the year customers get discounted prices for goods and services in most countries of the world and I'm sure you will make a good use of this year's Black Friday opportunity to get the best deals.

Having said that, Travelstart Nigeria is offering amazing Black Friday Bonanza this year 2018 for those booking flights, hotels, and other rentals at a cheap price. It promises up to 30% discounts on deals during this period but the question is; are you ready for these deals? How can you get the best Black Friday Deals?

First and foremost, you need to make up your mind that this opportunity won't pass you by because it's once in a year shopping event worldwide. So you may consider below tips.


Plan Ahead: You need to have a budget and set your mind on what you are going to buy on Black Friday. When you have your mind set on something, then you will search for the product or service during the event and compare discounts that suits your budget.

Shop Early: There is a saying that goes like this; "the early bird catches the worm. Also on black Friday, the early buyers gets the best products on discount. I could remember last year when I bought a smartphone with 45% discount just 3 minutes into the event proper but after some hours when my friends wanted the buy same phone, the discount was decreased to just 5%. You see the importance of early shopping.

Get First Hand Information: Do u have any website in mind fo shop for goods or services on Black Friday? Do yourself a big favour by signing up to the website newsletters and email. By so doing, you get the latest updates on its black Friday discounts and dates.

Collect Discount Codes: Some companies even provide discount codes which customers can add to the discount price for an even further discount to your purchase. Certain retailers offer vouchers and discounts that are specific to Black Friday only, so make sure you apply the correct codes.

Checkout below infographics for Travelstart Nigeria black friday deals this year.

travelstart best black friday deals

1. Travelstart was voted #1 for the best mobile shopping experience in 2018.
2. Travelstart’s top-selling destinations on Black Friday 2017 were Mauritius, Thailand, Namibia, India and the UK.
3. SAA, British Airways (Comair), and Emirates were our top-selling airlines on Black Friday 2017.
4. The average discount across the world on Black Friday is 55%!


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