Top 10 Technologies of The Future

People have already reached the point in time when a lot of things that have been thought to be a far-away-future are now absolutely real. A lot but not all, so people are waiting for new cutting-edge technologies, and men continue to dream about Russian women for marriage. A lot of things yet to be invented or allowed for the mass market, e.g., flying cars shown many years ago in Back to The Future.

Though, things on the list below are also impressive, considering that many of them are thought to be with us within no more than 5 years. Some of them have already got working prototypes, and they are almost ready to be manufactured for the customers. Of course, some of the below-mentioned inventions may knock your socks off, but do not expect them to astound your children.

Foldable or folding phones have become real due to the growing popularity of graphene (the thickness of this material is only one atom, while it is 100 times stronger than steel and also very flexible and
transparent). People could expect these phones to edge out “normal” phones completely, especially taking into consideration the fact that the first foldable phone was announced by Samsung some time ago. Its name is Samsung Galaxy X. This phone, together with its counterpart, has not reached the mass market yet, but it is almost here. Such phones can be folded and taken anywhere in your wallet or elsewhere not taking a lot of room in your pockets. There are also rumors of graphene-type chargers that make your phones charged in a zip.

People like talking of holograms. This is definitely one of the technologies that bring the future, causing futuristic associations, and place it just in front of us. You have seen things like this, evolving day by day.
On CES 2018 exhibition, a company Hypervsn demoed some awesome holograms which used diode laser technology. This technology is yet to evolve, as it is definitely not the holograms you have seen in movies about the future.

Technologies that use solar and kinetic energy (possessed due to the motion of an object) have been on the market for many years now. As smartphones belong to one of the leading fields which develop very
fast, people expect innovations to come to this field soon. Be ready that you will not need a charger, and you will stop looking for a charging spot very soon.

Integration of the heart rate monitor will help the application remember what photos accelerate your pulse or, in other words, who you like the most. Roughly speaking, the application will create in its memory “your type” and will suggest most favorable profiles. That is, the service will not just pick you a suitable partner but will find someone who will make your heart beat faster. By the time the development of technology will have allowed monitoring the activity of the brain, it will be possible to form a type of the person based on the impulses. According to the anthropologists, who have studied the brain activity of students in a state of love, the brain is very different from the normal state.

The activity of the areas responsible for stress, fear, and aggression are decreasing. At the same time, the possibility of clear-eyed analysis what is happening as well as predicting the consequences of events is
also suppressed. When the choice is narrowed down to those who will definitely be the most lovable, you will spend much less time on searching and choosing. And you will have more room for communication. It also eliminates the negative experience associated with dating, so if the physiological response of users is
mutual, most likely, the other reactions will be the same at the meeting.

Cars had been desired for many years before they became real and available for everyone; they became one of the greatest technological leaps, lining up with computers and the Internet. People truly believe a lot of revolutionary changes are waiting for them in the near future in the car industry. It’s not about flying cars, but it’s about self-driving ones. They are already on the roads, being tested and polished up,
while people become more and more agitated and desirous of them. These cars are a sigh of relief for everybody who likes hanging out and going to the parties in their own vehicle - no more Uber, as your car will drive you back home.

Hyperloop is one of the most fascinating technologies of the future that are becoming real these days. It is one of the ambitious projects Elon Musk has taken part in. The idea behind Hyperloop is to create a low-pressure tube with hyperloop vehicles inside the tubes with speeds about 1000 km/h. The only thing is to optimize expenses and make it more cost-efficient at both constructional and operational stages to be able to implement it everywhere.

When this is settled down, people will be able to enjoy high-speed, silent, autonomous, and safe roads either underground and above a surface.

7. Li-Fi
WiFi is not the only way of wireless Internet connection any more. A brand-new technology called Li-Fi has been introduced, allowing to transmit data using light. The visible light spectrum is significantly larger than the frequency spectrum is, so Li-Fi technology will speed up the Internet connection.

Another positive thing is that this technology is very cost-effective in terms of utilization and introduction to personal devices.

It will take quite a bit more time, and you will not have to leave the house even to go on a date.
High-speed digital data transfer will allow for dating in virtual reality. So, people from various parts of the world will be able to meet without leaving the comfortable conditions of their own home. Another
value of this trend is that it saves time. After talking online, you can meet with the person you like face-to-face, not wasting time on the road or meeting in a crowded place. The technology will allow not only to see a person but to hold their hand, smell and touch them.

A long-distance relationship will no longer be considered inferior because the partner can be close at any time, even if not physically. As for the dating services, VR-technologies will allow you to meet with
the person you like, look at them even before bringing communication into real life, and, of course, significantly reduce the embarrassment on the first date.

Genetic engineering, or genomics, as they call it, is a rapidly progressing academic field with a lot of breakthroughs. Even though some of the ways genomics is used for, are barely ethical for modern humans (like cloning or editing genes in order to create a “super-human”), this science may and will solve a lot of medical issues and potentially prolong the duration of human life. Genomics may also be used in farming enhancement.

The development team decided to create bioluminescent trees using an enzyme found in some jellyfish and fireflies. These trees will be able to illuminate the streets and help passersby see better at night. A
small demo-version of the project in the form of a plant glowing in the dark has already been developed.

The next step will be the trees that illuminate the streets in big cities.


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