Netflix Yearly Download Feature, How To Go About It

3 years ago, Netflix introduced its download feature for offline viewing, letting users download content and view it offline. The feature has been massively accepted all over the world by customers that depend on it to have fun watching their favorite shows even when they cannot access the internet. It is also a feature users that do not have unlimited data plan on their mobile device or customers in areas where WiFi charges are too costly like expensive hotels battle it from time to time.

Sadly though, the Netflix’s download option has its disadvantages as well. This is something those already making use of the feature must’ve noticed by now. If you download a lot of films and TV series, you can actually encounter the Netflix yearly download limit error, and i am writing this to teach how to find your way around it.
Netflix yearly download feature


Even if the platform lets users download films to view offline, at some point, you will face a limit which prevents you from further downloads. The Netflix support page says a user can download just 100 Titles of one device at any point in time. Anything more than that, you will see the error stopping any more downloads. Also, you can download titles on one, two or four devices at any given time but this will be according to your Netflix subscription plan.

The download titles can also expire, but that changes from title to title and it will be according to the licensing agreement between Netflix and the owner of the title. Customers will know about an upcoming expiration of download just one week before the D-Day. If any downloaded content is taken out of the platform, the download expires instantly.


Despite the fact that Netflix has a lot of original contents, it still has other materials licensed to it from other content creators. So, the limited download is as a result of these license holders and it changes from title to title. Neflix will not even disclose the download limit set on every title, and customers only get to know about download limit when there is one final download remaining.

If you attempt to download a clip and Netflix tells you that you have too many videos, getting rid of older downloads before you can continue with the present download is the only way out. To delete older downloads, head to the download section inside the Neflix app on Android, iOS or Windows 10 and choose the titles that you plan to download.

The platform lets you get rid of all former downloads simultaneously to ensure there is adequate space which will immediately grant you the chance to download lots of titles at a go. If deleting older downloads is proving difficult, the Netflix Support Page touches on fast and simple guidelines on how to delete old downloads on Netflix for iOS, Android and Windows 10.


If you intend to avoid the complications that comes with maintaining the downloads clips on your phones, the Netflix Smart Downloads can do bits with this. It was released for Android devices around January this year. What it does is, automatically download the next episode of a TV series you are viewing as long as you are WIFI enabled plus it also gets rid of the older episodes you have already viewed.

Sorry, iPhone and iPad users, but Netflix Smart Downloads can only be enjoyed by Android users right now, and it only functions with TV shows. You can turn on the Netflix Smart Downloads feature by going to the Downloads tab and clicking on the Smart Downloads option. Be aware that Smart Downloads will only work as long as there are more episodes to download in your TV series. If there is no more left, the previously viewed ones will remain intact.


If you get to your maximum download limit for a specific clip, you can stream it online, but it cannot be downloaded.


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